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Modal verbs: pouvoir

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je peux
I can
tu peux
you can
il peut
he can
elle peut
she can
on peut
one can
nous pouvons
we can
vous pouvez
you can (pl)
ils peuvent
they can
j'ai pu
I could
tu as pu
you could
il a pu
he could
elle a pu
she could
on a pu
one could
nous avons pu
we could
vous avez pu
you could (pl)
ils ont pu
they could
je pourrai
I will be able to
tu pourras
you will be able to
il pourra
he will be able to
elle pourra
she will be able to
on pourra
one will be able to
nous pourrons
we will be able to
vous pourrez
you will be able to (pl)
ils pourront
they will be able to
je pouvais
I was able to
tu pouvais
you were able to
il pouvait
he was able to
elle pouvait
she was able to
on pouvait
one was able to
nous pouvions
we were able to
vous pouviez
you were able to (pl)
ils pouvaient
they were able to