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Module 2: le passé

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le passé
j'ai regardé
I watched
j'ai mangé
I ate
j'ai acheté
I bought
j'ai choisi
I chose
j'ai attendu
I waited
j'ai bu
I drank
j'ai vu
I saw
j'ai quitté la maison
I left the house
j'ai pris le bus
I took the bus
on a regardé
we watched
on a mangé
we ate
on a acheté
we bought
on a choisi
we chose
on a attendu
we waited
on a bu
we drank
on a vu
we saw
on a quitté la maison
we left the house
on a pris le bus
we took the bus
je suis allé
I went (boy)
je suis allée
I went (girl)
je suis arrivé
I arrived (boy)
je suis arrivée
I arrived (girl)
je suis entré
I went in (boy)
je suis entrée
I went in (girl)
on est allé
we went
on est arrivé
we arrived
on est entré
we went in
le week-end dernier
last weekend
samedi dernier
last Saturday
il y a deux jours
two days ago