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to want
je veux
I want
tu veux
you (singular; familiar) want
il veut
he wants
elle veut
she wants
nous voulons
we want
vous voulez
you (plural / polite) want
ils veulent
they (m.) want
elles veulent
they (f.) want
Je veux jouer au tennis.
I want to play tennis.
Je veux travailler comme comptable.
I want to work as an accountant.
Je veux avoir des enfants.
I want to have children.
Je ne veux pas me marier.
I do not want to get married.
to be able
je peux
I am able / I can
tu peux
you (singular; familiar) are able / you can
il peut
he is able / he can
elle peut
she is able / she can
nous pouvons
we are able / we can
vous pouvez
you (plural / polite) are able / you can
ils peuvent
they (m.) are able / they can
elles peuvent
they (f.) are able / they can
je peux danser
I am able to dance.
Je peux faire de la gymnastique.
I am able to do gymnastics.
je ne peux pas jouer au rugby.
I am not able to play rugby.
to have to
je dois
I have to / I must
tu dois
you (singular; familiar) have to / you must
il doit
he has to / he must
elle doit
she has to / she must
nous devons
we have to / we must
vous devez
you (plural / polite) have to / you must
ils doivent
they (m.) have to / they must
elles doivent
they (f.) have to / they must
Je dois faire mes devoirs.
I have to do my homework.
Je ne dois pas travailler.
I do not have to work.