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Collocations of Verbs

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commit oneself to
cam kết, giao phó. commit A to B = give A to B. We have committed ourselves to maintaining a high level of customer service within the hospitality industry.
be divided into
phân chia thành. Because of the large number of participants at the workshop, attendees were ___ smaller groups.
qualify for
= be eligible for. Applicants must possess at least three years' experience in accounting to ___ a job interview.
collaborate on something
cộng tác với ai về việc gì. collaborate with someone: work with someone on something. The two firms want to ___ a landmark research project on DNA sequencing.
discourage A from B
không khuyến khích làm việc gì. Office regulations ___ employees from making personal telephone calls during office hours.
A is aimed at B
hướng đến, nhắm đến. Aim is mostly used in the passive form. The new F-series sports car is ___ young business executives.
respond to (+N)
đáp lại, hưởng ứng. The client ___ our proposal for the new advertising campaign.
compensate A for B
đền bù. pay A money because he/she has suffered B (injury, loss or damage). The broadcaster ___ Dr. Bland for the damage caused by the report.
replace A with(by) B
thay thế. If any of our products are damaged during shipment, we will ___ them immediately with new ones.
be submitted to
submit sth to s.o = hand in sth to s.o. All registration forms which are ___ted to our clinic will be kept on file for two years from the date of receipt.
interfere with
= interrupt. Chronic stress can ___ the function of the immune(miễn) system.
come complete with
đảm bảo đầy đủ. The new office facilities ___ a staff lounge and parking spaces.
attribute A to B
cho là do = A is attributed to B. Analysts ___ the current Market boom to an increase in individual investors.
contend with
đấu tranh, tranh giành. deal with a difficult or unpleasant situation.
charge sth to somewhere/sth
tính vào = charge an amount of money for something. Please ___ the repairs to my credit card.
restrict something to a particular group
hạn chế, giới hạn. A is restricted to B. Access is restricted to authorized personnel only
result from (+ cause)
dẫn đến. The manufacturer will not be accountable for damage resulting from misuse.
result in ( + result)
= lead to
be faced with
face /deal with a situation. Faced with a large debt, the company declared bankruptcy.
dispose of
dùng, tuỳ ý sử dụng | vứt bỏ, tống khứ. When ___ing of expired credit cards, it is wiseto cut them in half
associate with
Liên kết, kết hợp, cộng tác = spend time with somebody. The company's consultant closely associated with a competing firm.
contribute to
đóng góp. Factors ___ing to globalization include technological innovation and world economic integration.
check A for B
kiểm tra. It is recommended that consumers check their credit reports for errors at least once a year.
congratulate someone on something
chúc mừng ai về việc gì. We want to ___ Mr. Grant on his recent promotion.
comply with + rule /regulation
tuân thủ = abide by. Tenants are asked to ___ the building's rules and regulations.
call for
tiếng kêu, tiếng gọi. Mosaic Tech. provides more than 120call centers around the world to help its customers when they ___ technical support while using its software.
take over
tiếp quản, đảm nhiệm. Ms. Sedaris will ___ as vice president of sales when Mr. Fey retires next month.
turn In
nôp. = file = submit. Those wishing to take time off for summer vacation must ___ their requests by the end of May.
take into account
chú ý đến, xem xét về. = take into consideration = take account of = consider something. John took the past year's market conditions into account when writing the annual report.
keep records of
ghi lại, lập bản ghi. The marketing department implemented a daily report system to keep better records of the progress of projects.
look over something
kiểm tra nhanh, duyệt sơ qua. The manager ___ed ___ the documents before making a decision.
keep in touch with
giữ liên lạc. Richard Gates, the vice president of the legal firm, ___s ____with many of his employees at other branches by videophone.
look into
= examine/investigate The finance division has ___ed ___ the errors and corrected them.
keep track of
theo dõi, giám sát. = keep oneself updated. This software allows users to easily ___ inventory.
look for
= search for. The article gives advice on what to ___ when buying a camera.
run the risk of
nguy cơ, làm liều, liều mạng. All assembly line workers should wear safety helmets, or they ___ injury.
look upon A as B
coi như, xem như là. The company ___s ___ Asia as a potential market for its products.
draw on + technique/experience
phát huy, áp dụng. When starting your own business, ___ your experience as a customer.
defy description
không thể mô tả. = be beyond description. Express something that you can not describe accurately because of its great size, quality, or level.
hold back
not do something, often because of fear. Please don't ___ your opinions on the new product design.
bring A to a halt
dừng, tạm dừng A lại. A loss of power will never ___ operations to a halt because the manufacturing plant has two generators (máy phát điện).
account for
giải thích. 1. Benefits ___ only 20 percent of payroll costs. 2. The recent increase inthe cost of raw materials ___s for the rise in prices of our products.
make sense
hiểu, có ý nghĩa. After the expansion of the computer software department, it ___ to hire another full-time technician.
have A in common
có điểm chung là A. The quality control inspector has determined that the assembly line errors made this morning had nothing in common.
go through
chịu đựng or xem xét kĩ. Dueto increasedcompetition inthe food industry, Hills Natural Foods went through a difficult time financially.
have every(no) intention of V-ing
có(không) ý định. The landlord ___ making improvements to the building.
place A on standby
chế độ chờ. is used mainly at the airport when customers are put on a waiting list for a flight. The passenger was placed on standby for the next possible flight.
stand in for
thay mặt, đại diện. means take somebody's job temporarily.As Patrick Chang is sick, Tracy Morgan will be standing in for him today.