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Collocations of Adjectives

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be native to
có nguồn gốc từ. The company is searching for a sales staff that is ___ the local community.
be responsible for
có trách nhiệm với = be in charge of The recent storm damage to The Northgate Bridge is partly ___ The terrible traffic problems in the city center.
be honored for
được tôn vinh vì. Mr. Jones was ___ his generous contributions to local charities at the awards ceremony last night.
be suitable for(to)
phù hợp, thích hợp. The majority of films recently produced by Lime light studios are ___ children of all ages.
be exempt from
được miễn, miễn (thuế). Employees attending the Chicago Trade Fair are ___ turning in receipts for their travel expenses.
be known for ( + reason)
được biết đến. The Ace Motors dealership is known for its excellent after-sales service.
be superior to
giỏi hơn, tốt hơn. Because of Sackhoff Supplies' high standards for product quality, its product is ___ other competitors' in the market.
be known to A as B
được biết đến. Mr. Calson is known to the staff as a highly motivated CEO.
be familiar with
thân thuộc, thân quen với. Benson and Associates' security department requested that all staff be ___ the new office security regulations.
be contingent on
còn tuỳ thuộc vào, còn tuỳ theo.= A depends on B. Fundingfor the project is ___ the Board of Directors' decision.
be reliant on
tin cậy vào, dựa vào = rely on, upon. Felicity Clothing is increasingly ___ manufacturers of textiles and printedfabrics from Southeast Asia.
be cognizant of
= be aware of. Physicians must be ___ medical regulations in the state where they practice.
be reflective of
phản ánh = reflect. Market conditions are often ___ the current political state.
be comparable to
có thể so sánh với. The size of the city is ___ that of Philadelphia.
be responsive to (+N)
đáp lại. The health club staff is ___ its members' requests.
make checks payable to A
có thể chi trả bằng phiếu. This expression is commonly used in the US where people use personal checks. Make your checks payable to Squibb, Inc.
be compatible with
= work well together. Our software programs are compatible with the computer's hardware system.
be noted for
= be famous for = be well known for the company is noted for the quality of its furniture.
be uncertain about (of)
không chắc chắn về. The committee said it is ___ the results of the study.
be concerned about/over
lo lắng về = be worried about. The organizers are ___ the seating capacity of the room.
be critical of
phê bình, phê phán, khẩn cấp, nguy cấp. Of is followed by what is criticized; the adverb highly may be added to modify critical. Human Resources managers should not be ___ employee suggestions.
be concerned with
liên quan tới, dính líu tới. The article is ___ the effects of a consumer boycott on unsafe food products.
be accustomed to (+N)
quen với. Our regular customers are ___ consist ently outstanding levels of service.
be subject to (+N)
lệ thuộc vào, tuỳ theo. Building foundations are ___ damage from water and wind. Sick leave applications are ___ company approval.