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in reply
(adv) đáp lại, hồi âm. Inspite of sending several e-mails of complaint to the customer service department, the customer still hasn't received a single message ___.
of one's choice
sự lựa chọn của ai. = of one's own choice Payments can automatically be deducted from the bank account of your choice.
in preparation for
chuẩn bị cho. All computer equipment should be put in boxes ___ our move to the new office space.
in advance
trước. (adv) ahead of time; in anticipation; beforehand. Reservations must be cancelled at least two weeks ___ to be eligible for a full refund.
in an effort to
Nỗ lực làm gì. ___ promote the new line of products, Edu-toys created a television avertising campaign.
in a timely manner
trong một thời gian chính xác = in a timely fashion. As the human resources department has received many resumes, all applicants will be contacted ___.
on arrival
khi đến nơi = upon arrival. ___, all passengers are required to go through immigration and passport control.
in combination with
dùng kết hợp với. This tablet, when taken ___ aspirin, will lower blood pressure and strengthen immunity to infections.
to the point
đi vào vấn đề = come to the point = get to the point. relevant and worth paying attention to
keep to the point
Đừng lạc đề. not digress (lạc lối) from the focus point
out of print
= be discontinued (If a book, magazine, etc. is out of print, it is no longer being published.)
in celebration of
Trong lễ kỷ niệm. The department store is offering a 30 percent discount this week ___ their 30th anniversary.
above one's expectations
= beyond one's expectations Product sales last month were above our expectations.
subsequent to
= following. ___ the introduction of cost-cutting measures, expense accounts are being monitored.
as a result of
là kết quả của. Many factories had to close ___ new licensing regulations.
in exchange for sth
đổi lấy cái gì. The company offered workers higher salaries ___ reduced health benefits.
out of one's reach
ngoài tầm tay (away from the distance that can be touched). Ensure that blades for this razor are stored ___ of children.
to capacity
đầy, hết chỗ chứa. be filled to capacity = be completely full. The theater was filled ___ every night of the week-long performance.
at the latest
muộn nhất là = at the earliest = at the best. In order to reserve a tennis court at the Fairfield Fitness Centre, you should register by next week ___.
in search of
tìm kiếm = in the search for. Mr. Smith is ___ talented and innovative personnel.
at one's earliest convenience
càng sớm càng tốt = as soon as one can. Send some samples of your writing at your earliest convenience.
to an absolute minimum
to the smallest in amount or degree. The new microphone system keeps background noise ___.
until further notice
until another official announcement is made. The prices listed inthe catalog are effective ___.
with the exception of
= except. No one is allowed beyond this point, except authorized security personnel.
in one's absence
trong khi vắng mặt = during one's absence. The staff will hold a meeting in the director's absence.