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Verbs with Accusative

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-(y)i sevmek
to love
-(y)i mutlu etmek
to make happy
-(y)i yormak
to tire, to exhaust
-(y)i üzmek
to sadden
-(y)i heyecanlanmak
to get excited
-(y)i takmak
to hang, put on, wear
biz tatile çıkmayı düşünüyoruz
we are thinking to go on holiday
-(y)i özlemek
to miss
-(y)i tasarlamak
to plan, to design
-(y)i planlamak
to plan
-(y)i tercih etmek
to prefer
-(y)i bilmek
to know
-(y)i hayal etmek
to dream of
-(y)i tercih etmek
to prefer to
-(y)i aramak
to search for, to look for