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Kafana takma
don't worry (informal); don't let it get to you
Kolay gelsin
may it come easy (said to someone who is either doing or planning to do a job)
Başınız sağolsun
My condolences
Allah sabır versin
My condolences
Hayırlı olsun
May it be beneficial for you (new house; good health)
Allah’ın izniyle
deo volente
that's fate
Allah nazarlardan saklasın
May God keep you away from the evil eye
Lanet olsun
damn it
Allah cezanı/belanı versin
may God damn you
Allah kahretsin
damn it
Allah yazdıysa bozsun
God forbid
Allah bağışlasın
May God bless you
Allah rahatlık versin
good night
Allah razı olsun
god bless you; thank you
Canın sağolsun
don't worry
Sağlık olsun
never mind