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smoking = việc hút thuốc lá
So how long is it since you gave up SMOKING?
lung cancer = ung thư phổi
A heavy smoker for decades, he died of LUNG CANCER in 2005.
to deworm = tẩy giun cho động vật
It's time to DEWORM the dog.
to be an enemy of sth = kẻ thù của cái gì
Selfishness is AN ENEMY OF friendship.
stress = sự căng thẳng
Yoga is a very effective technique for combating STRESS.
heart health = sức khỏe tim mạch
It's never too late to take active steps to look after your HEART HEALTH.
to be in danger of sth = đang có nguy cơ...
Her small family is IN DANGER OF collapse at anytime.
species of animals = nhiều giống (loài) của nhiều loại động vật
There are many SPECIES OF dog(s).
to be in danger of extinction = đang có nguy cơ tuyệt chủng
The European mink (Mustela lutreola) is a very rare specie which is IN DANGER OF EXTINCTION.
imminent = sắp, có nguy cơ
The building is in IMMINENT danger of collapsing.
extinction = sự tuyệt chủng
The mountain gorilla is on the verge of EXTINCTION.
to be the king of sth = là vua của cái gì
Barado is THE KING OF Italian red wines.
to have never done sth = chưa bao giờ làm gì
I HAVE NEVER DONE a superlative performance like this.
in the wild = ở nơi hoang dã
It is estimated that only 1,000 pandas remain IN THE WILD.
the land living animal = động vật sống trên cạn
to run = chạy
A car that can RUN on electricity, is still something of a novelty.
bear = con gấu
What do you do when you meet a BEAR?
Have you ever done sth = Bạn có từng làm...
HAVE YOU EVER DONE something good for people?
to hunt sth = săn cái gì
People really shouldn't HUNT animals no matter what their skin is worth.
to be intelligent = thông minh
I love dogs because they are INTELLIGENT.
panda = gấu trúc
PANDAs often live beside clean rivers or springs, and they like drinking water very much.
koala = gấu túi
The young KOALA drinks only mother's milk for the first six to seven months.
to look + tính từ = có dáng vẻ...
You LOOK so beautiful tonight.
the better... the higher... =... càng tốt... càng cao
to love sth = yêu cái gì
I LOVE roses.
to be lovely creatures = là những sinh vật đáng yêu
Dogs and cats are LOVELY CREATURES.
to look = nhìn
Hey LOOK, there is a butterfly on your head.
to roll = lăn/ cuộn
Could you ROLL up that string for me?
Look. = nhìn kìa.
LOOK. I'm sure that's Brad Pitt.
in the shade = trong bóng râm
The temperature can reach 40°C IN THE SHADE.