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to get better = trở nên tốt hơn
Do your parents GET BETTER?
to run riot = hoành hành/diễn ra một cách không thể kiểm soát được
Football hooligans RUN RIOT through the town.
do not do sth = đừng làm gì
Do NOT DO anything stupid.
to take medicine = uống thuốc
You should TAKE MEDICINE on time.
to be pregnant = mang thai
If you have been really sick to your stomach and very tired could you BE PREGNANT.
to have a scratchy throat = bị rát cổ họng
Avoid eating spicy, hot and oily food when you HAVE A SCRATCHY THROAT.
the last couple of days = vài ngày qua
He's really let himself go in THE LAST COUPLE DAYS.
a couple of (days) = vài (ngày)
I've seen her A COUPLE OF times before.
a total-body skin rash = chứng phát ban toàn thân
The boy has had A TOTAL-BODY SKIN RASH for A week.
flu-like symptoms = các triệu chứng như bị cảm
It is important to tell a doctor if you have FLU-LIKE SYMPTOMS.
had better do something = tốt hơn hết là làm gì
You HAD BETTER stop dawdling.
to stay home = ở nhà
Do you STAY HOME tonight?
to be contagious = lây
Scarlet fever is highly CONTAGIOUS.
health problems = các vấn đề về sức khỏe
Studies have found many HEALTH PROBLEMS related to stress.
should do something = nên làm gì
We SHOULD bring up this project carefully.
television viewing = việc xem ti vi
TELEVISION VIEWING is associated with an increase in meal frequency in humans.
to be covered in sth = được/bị bao phủ trong cái gì
Shopping carts are COVERED IN bacteria.
to have chickenpox = bị bệnh thủy đậu
After you HAVE had CHICKENPOX, you are not likely to get it again.
spot = vết nhỏ, chấm nhỏ
The male bird has a red SPOT on its beak.
to come down with sth = bị bệnh gì
He came DOWN WITH the flu last week.
(our/the) youngest boy = cậu bé nhỏ tuổi nhất (của...)
The age of THE YOUNGEST BOY is 10.
frequently = thường
I don't use English FREQUENTLY.
skin allergie = dị ứng da
The most common symptoms of SKIN allergy usually appear within forty eight hours.
rash = vết ban đỏ
I come out in a RASH (= a RASH appears on my skin) if I eat chocolate.
swelling = chỗ sưng
Use ice to reduce the SWELLING.
there + be + danh từ = dùng chỉ sự hiện diện của sự vật nào đó
I think THERE is something wrong in what you said.
cure for sth = cách chữa trị cho cái gì
There is currently no CURE FOR the disease.
with no known cure = chưa có cách chữa trị
Is bureaucracy a disease WITH NO KNOWN CURE?
no known cure = hết thuốc chữa, vô phương cứu chữa
Health officials are warning about a new mosquito virus that has NO KNOWN CURE or treatment.
to cause sth = gây ra cái gì
Smoke can CAUSE air pollution.