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to get ahold of sb = liên lạc với ai
How can I GET AHOLD OF the police?
to get a busy signal = nhận được tín hiệu bận
Every time I call this number, I GET A BUSY SIGNAL.
Why don't you do sth? = sao bạn không làm gì
WHY DON'T YOU speak Vietnamese?
to look in sth = tra cứu trong cái gì
In this day and age, nobody is going to LOOK IN a phone book to find a business.
to look in swh = tìm ở đâu
We LOOKed IN the room to see if the cat was dead or alive.
phone book = danh bạ điện thoại
Let's look up the PHONE BOOK and find out where he lives.
to buy sb sth = mua cho ai cái gì
Can you BUY me some books?
prepaid phone card = thẻ điện thoại trả trước
Are you using a PREPAID PHONE CARD?
immediately = ngay lập tức
The boss suggests meeting IMMEDIATELY.
to send sth = gửi cái gì
Have you SENT a postcard to your mother yet?
emergency room = phòng cấp cứu
All the injured people were taken to the EMERGENCY ROOM.
to be seriously hurt = bị thương nặng
Two people are SERIOUSLY HURT after a crash near the park.
don't do sth = đừng làm gì
DON'T DO trivial things.
to touch sth = chạm vào cái gì
You'll completely ruin my flowers if you TOUCH them.
to get an electric shock = bị điện giật
Why don't birds GET AN ELECTRIC SHOCK when they sit on pylons?
to play with sth = chơi với cái gì
Don't PLAY WITH my glasses.
to get burned = bị bỏng
Be careful that you don't GET BURNED by hot oil.
to lose one's nerve = mất hết dũng khí, mất hết can đảm
Immediately I LOSE my NERVE and I can't move.
to ride = lái (xe đạp), cưỡi (ngựa...)
Look. He is RIDING on a large black horse.
to have a fall = bị té, bị ngã
She had A bad FALL and broke her arm.
to be caused by sth = do cái gì gây ra
Heart failure may BE CAUSED BY myocardial failure.
to be struck = bị đánh
Cars can BE STRUCK by lightning.
broken arm = cánh tay bị gãy
The x-ray showed his BROKEN ARM had healed perfectly.
a fall = một cú ngã
She was killed in A FALL from A horse.
an accident = một tai nạn
One in seven ACCIDENTs is caused by sleepy drivers.
to die from sth = chết vì lý do gì
Can my dog DIE FROM loss of blood FROM fleas?
heart attack = đau tim
She had a HEART ATTACK yesterday.
to be congested = bị nghẹt
The loading port is much CONGESTED, hence the delay.
to hurt = bị đau
My legs HURT after walking all day.
to be hurt = bị thương
Let me help you up. Are you HURT?