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cold = bệnh cảm lạnh
Keep your feet dry so you don't catch a COLD.
to be rich in sth = giàu cái gì
Compost can BE RICH IN nutrients.
to make sth good for sb = làm cho cái gì trở nên tốt cho ai
What do apples have in them that MAKE them GOOD FOR you?
to suffer from sth = chịu đựng cái gì
Most of adolescents SUFFER FROM acne.
constipation = chứng táo bón
Click here to find out how you can treat CONSTIPATION.
to begin doing sth = bắt đầu làm gì
When the children BEGIN going to school, they learn to socialize.
to eat sth = ăn cái gì
I don't EAT mEAT.
soybean-based products = các thực phẩm chế biến từ đậu nành
to clean sth = làm sạch cái gì, lau cái gì?
I forgot to CLEAN the floor in this morning.
to help (sb) do sth = giúp (ai) làm gì
Could you HELP wash the dishes?
to boost sth = cải thiện/phát triển/gia tăng cái gì
The theatre managed to BOOST its audiences by cutting ticket prices.
immune system = hệ miễn dịch
Never mind that the IMMUNE SYSTEM is quite capable of handling all those vaccines and more.
to fight against sth = chiến đấu chống lại cái gì
I tried to FIGHT AGAINST my weariness.
to boil sth = luộc cái gì
How long does it take to BOIL an egg?
to get soft = trở nên mềm
Your skin GETs SOFT and wrinkly after a lot of time in the bathtub or pool.
to lose sth = đánh mất đi cái gì
Tears stream down on your face when you LOSE something you cannot replace.
nutrients = các chất dinh dưỡng
Plants draw minerals and other NUTRIENTS from the soil.
to avoid sth = tránh cái gì
We should AVOID personalities.
to become + tính từ = trở thành...
The flowers are BECOMING yellow.
to sprout = nảy mầm
If a plant SPROUTs, new leaves or shoots begin to grow on it.
to begin doing/to do sth = bắt đầu làm gì
After waiting for half an hour she was BEGINning TO get angry.
to sprout = mọc mầm, nẩy mầm
The seeds will SPROUT in a few days.
to be limp = không cứng, không chắc
The hat had become LIMP and shapeless.
to be used within... = được dùng trong khoảng...
Once eggs are cooked, they should BE USED WITHIN one week.
within = trong vòng
Can you complete the work WITHIN a month?
to cut off sth = cắt bỏ cái gì
Her father CUT OFF her allowance.
to peel sth = gọt cái gì
Would you PEEL me an orange?
to chew sth = nhai cái gì
Eat slowly and CHEW your food thoroughly.
to be sufficient to do sth = đủ để làm gì
One aspirin should BE SUFFICIENT TO relieve the pain.
uncooked (onion) = (hành) chưa nấu chín
UNCOOKED chicken is never safe to eat, no matter how fresh it is.