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to win the lottery = trúng xổ số
What's THE first thing that's going to happen after you WIN THE LOTTERY?
to be independent = tự lập
He is INDEPENDENT of his parents.
to save = tiết kiệm
I will SAVE money.
to pay for sth = trả tiền cho cái gì
Let me PAY FOR lunch.
to want sth = muốn cái gì
I WANT some chocolate.
to give birth (to sb) = sinh (ai đó) ra đời
My younger sister will GIVE BIRTH TO a baby on July 20.
to win sth = thắng cái gì
When last did you WIN something?
to learn to do sth = học cách làm gì
I'm LEARNing TO play the piano.
to be mature = chín chắn
He is MATURE for an independent life.
to be responsible = có trách nhiệm
CEOs are RESPONSIBLE for strategic decisions.
to used to do sth = từng làm gì trong quá khứ
I USED TO smoke cigarettes.
to worry about sth = lo lắng về việc gì
I WORRY ABOUT everything.
to start doing sth = bắt đầu làm gì
Everyone in the class STARTed laughing.
until = cho đến khi
Let's wait UNTIL the rain stops.
recently = dạo gần đây
We received a letter from him RECENTLY.
to get sth = có được điều gì
He GETs about $40000 a year.
ache = cơn đau
Mummy, I've got a tummy ACHE.
pain = cơn đau
He felt a sharp PAIN in his knee.
to be fit = khỏe mạnh
When a student is FIT, he studies more effectively.
in one's thirties = trong thời gian tuổi từ 30-39
A woman IN her THIRTIES came to see me yesterday.
to be in the best of health = tình trạng sức khỏe luôn tốt nhất
John is IN THE BEST OF HEALTH. He eats and exercises well.
should do sth = nên làm
You SHOULD stop smoking.
go to the doctor = đi đến chỗ bác sĩ
You should GO TO THE DOCTOR as soon as possible.
to be busy = bận rộn
I am BUSY now.
to go to swh = đi tới đâu
I GO TO school by bus.
health check = buổi kiểm tra sức khỏe
Generally you should have a HEALTH CHECK each year.
no longer do sth = không còn làm gì nữa
I NO LONGER work at ACB.
to stay slim = giữ dáng thon gọn
I do exercise because it helps me STAY SLIM and healthy.
to stay healthy = khỏe mạnh
I go jogging every morning to STAY HEALTHY.
in order to + verb = để (làm gì)...
What do I have TO do IN ORDER TO convince them?