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to seem to be sth = có vẻ như...
She's 24, but she often SEEMs (to be) younger.
(to be/to go) above and beyond (duty/the call of duty) = tốt hơn rất nhiều so với yêu cầu
You've gone ABOVE AND BEYOND the call of duty.
to deliver sth to sb = chuyển, phân phát, giao
We need TO DELIVER the letter TO them prior TO the meeting.
each and every = mỗi một, từng người/cái/vật... một
EACH AND EVERY student must register by tomorrow.
the (very) best education = sự giáo dục tốt nhất
She also hopes her children will get THE BEST EDUCATION.
must + verb = phải làm gì. Dùng để khuyên ai đó làm gì (ở mức độ cao nhất)
You MUST see her.
to go together = đi cùng nhau
Let's GO TOGETHER to buy her a present.
must do sth = nên làm gì (lời khuyên ở mức độ cao nhất)
You MUST call her tonight.
the cream of the crop = người giỏi nhất/cái tốt nhất trong nhóm cụ thể nào đó
THEse three students are very bright. THEy are THE CREAM OF THE CROP in THEir class.
to review sth = ôn lại cái gì
We will REVIEW your records.
to highlight sth = đánh dấu cái gì bằng viết dạ quang
I HIGHLIGHTed the important passages in yellow.
to understand (something) = hiểu chuyện gì đó
She didn’t UNDERSTAND what I’ve said.
to not understand sth = không hiểu cái gì
I couldn't UNDERSTAND what she was saying.
to know about sth = biết về điều gì
What do you KNOW ABOUT tsunamis?
to relate to sth = liên quan đến cái gì
I am solving problems which RELATE TO export goods.
the more...the more...=càng...càng...
It always seems like THE MORE I earn, THE MORE I spend.
to memorize sth = ghi nhớ cái gì
She can MEMORIZE facts very quickly.
to learn = học
I LEARNed a lot from my grandfather.
to learn from sth = học từ cái gì
What can you LEARN FROM comics?
hobbies = những sở thích
Jane's HOBBIES are reading, cooking and swimming.
interest = mối quan tâm
Many women have no INTEREST in politics.
textbook = sách giáo khoa
I forgot my TEXTBOOK at school, so I couldn't do my homework.
to be a great way to do sth = là cách tuyệt vời để làm gì
Exercise is A GREAT WAY TO get rid of stress.
to enhance sth = củng cố cái gì
I want to ENHANCE my English skills.
to enhance one's knowledge = củng cố kiến thức của ai
He studies with his friends to ENHANCE his math KNOWLEDGE.
main source of sth = nguồn chính của cái gì
She's the MAIN SOURCE OF aggro in my life.
to come from swh = đến từ nơi nào
source of income = nguồn thu nhập
They have no SOURCE OF INCOME at all.
one's own business = việc kinh doanh của ai
After high school, David started his OWN BUSINESS.
to prefer to do sth rather than do sth = thích làm cái gì hơn là...
I PREFER TO read fiction books RATHER THAN read comics.