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to go for a drink = to have a drink = đi nhậu
He usually goes FOR A DRINK after work.
to respect sb = tôn trọng ai đó
They don't RESPECT him.
to treat sb = đối xử với ai đó
You should TREAT others as you wish to be TREATed.
to treat sb fairly = đối xử với ai công bằng
I felt I hadn't been TREATed FAIRLY.
to be a good manager = là một người quản lý tốt
I think she is A GOOD MANAGER.
subordinate = cấp dưới
He opens the routine checks to one of his SUBORDINATEs.
to encourage sb to do sth = khuyến khích ai làm gì
Banks actively ENCOURAGEd people TO borrow money.
to keep up sth = tiếp tục việc gì
Retailers can KEEP UP prices.
to be impressed by/with/about sth = ấn tượng bởi/về điều gì
I was very IMPRESSED BY the efficiency of the staff.
board of directors = ban giám đốc
He was elevated to the BOARD OF Directors yesterday.
performance = sự thể hiện
His PERFORMANCE at school has greatly improved.
to have the responsibility for doing sth = có trách nhiệm làm gì
to schedule sth = lên lịch làm gì
I would like to SCHEDULE an interview with you.
to conduct sth = thực hiện việc gì
They will CONDUCT the wedding.
an exit interview = một cuộc phỏng vấn thôi việc
He has got AN EXIT INTERVIEW this morning.
to skip sth = bỏ qua cái gì
Do you often SKIP meals?
a waste of time = phí thời gian
It's A WASTE OF TIME reading this book.
I'll do sth = tôi sẽ làm gì (không có dự định trước)
I'LL buy some flowers for you.
to skip the meeting = không tham gia họp
He had an accident,so he SKIPped THE MEETING.
meeting = cuộc họp
I've got a MEETING with my partner this afternoon.
planner = người lên kế hoạch
She is a good wedding PLANNER.
to finish sth = hoàn tất cái gì
Have you FINISHed your lunch?
have not done sth yet = chưa làm việc gì (tính đến thời điểm nói)
I HAVEn't finished my homework YET.
to do one's work = làm công việc của ai
She was ill, so I also DO her WORK.
to start sth = bắt đầu cái gì
What time did they START the meeting yesterday?
around = khoảng chừng, xấp xỉ
He will arrive AROUND six o'clock.
to study = học
She spends all her time STUDYing.
some of us = vài người trong chúng ta
SOME OF US don’t like our teacher.
to start school = bắt đầu đi học
My children STARTed SCHOOL last week.
the age of six = 6 tuổi
She moved with her parents at THE AGE OF SIX.