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Unit 5: Quedar

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to fit (to say how something fits or looks)
Me queda bien.
It fits me well. (It looks good on me.)
Me queda mal.
It doesn't fit me well. (It looks bad on me.)
Te queda bien.
It fits you well. (It looks good on you.)
Te quedan bien.
They fit you well. (They look good on you.)
le queda(n)
it fits him (it fits her/usted)
nos queda(n)
it fits us
les queda(n)
it fits them (it fits you guys)
La camisa le queda bien.
The shirt fits him well.
Las blusas les quedan bien.
The blouses fit them well.
No nos quedan bien.
They don't look very good on us.
Esta falda te queda grande.
This skirt is too big for you.