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Unit 3: Bedtime & Reflexive verb conjugation

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¿Qué haces antes de acostarte por la noche?
What do you do before going to bed at night?
antes de acostarme
before I go to bed
lavarse la cara
to wash one's face
me lavo la cara
I wash my face
tengo que lavarme la cara
I have to wash my face
te lavas la cara
you wash your face
se lava los dientes
he/she brushes his/her teeth
nos lavamos el pelo
we wash our hair
se lavan las manos
they/you guys wash their/your hands
quitarse la ropa
to take off one's clothes
ponerse el piyama
to put on pajamas
me pongo el piyama
I put on my pajamas
necesito ponerme el piyama
I need to put on my pajamas
to bathe
me acuesto temprano
I go to bed early
¿Estás listo?
Are you ready?
Acabo de hacer la tarea.
I just did my homework.
acabar de
to just (have done something)
¿Qué te falta hacer?
What do you have left to do?
Tengo que lavarme los dientes.
I have to brush my teeth.
No encuentro mi cepillo de dientes.
I cannot find my toothbrush
to find