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quite, rather
jin3 zhang1
xin4 xin1
neng2 li4
capability, ability, competence
zhao1 pin4
recruitment, to recruit
ti2 gong1
to provide
fu4 ze2
to be in charge of
ben3 lai2
original, originally, at first
ying4 pin4
to accept a job offer, to apply for a job
cai2 liao4
material, data; ingredient
fu2 he2
to accord with
tong1 zhi1
to inform
lv4 shi1
zhuan1 ye4
professional (also: specialty), major
ling4 wai4
additional, besides
shou1 ru4
zan2 men5
we (including addressee)
an1 pai2
to arrange
shou3 xian1
first of all
zheng4 shi4
to leave (something behind)
qi2 ci4
secondly, next
cheng2 shi2
gai3 bian4
to change
gan3 jue2
to feel, feeling
pan4 duan4
to decide, to judge
gu4 ke4
client, customer
zhun3 shi2
on time, punctual
bu4 guan3
no matter (what, how)
yu3 shi4 chang2 ci2
to die
yue1 hui4
appointment, to date, to go to an appointment