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extensive(also: vast(water), much)
father-in-law(surname Weng)
consult; take counsel
throwing weapon; dart
to get rid of(also: to hold (one's breath), (noun)screen, to (abandon, reject, shield))
2nd in seniority; 2nd month of a season
laugh; giggle
leave instructions; to order
first month of a season; the eldest among brothers
to prop up; to support; to maintain; to unfurl
a stove; a furnace
to reveal; to let out (fluid or gas); to leak (news, secrets, etc)
to bury (the dead); to inter
to add; to increase
to observe; to obey
to enlighten; to guide
fake; forged; collaborationist
to forgive; to understand
atmosphere; vapor
cane; bastinado(archaic)
to peel; to shell
vow; to pledge
to make a profit