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to present(also: play(instrument), perform(music))
measure word for (coins, rings, badges, sporting medals)
engrave(also: bird of prey, carve)
to loathe(detest, dislike, hate)
longevity(also: life, long life)
to {pull, tear, gossip, chat}
to supervise(also: director)
example(also: view, warning, mirror)
to brush
to walk fast
to relinquish(abandon, contribute; donate); tax
proud(also: to defy, to refuse to yield)
to pierce
palace hall(also: hall, palace, temple)
group (of people); to dial
to yield; modest
beauty(also: appearance, disposition, looks)
to shift
Lebanon (abbreviation)
to offer a sacrifice(also: festive occasion); surname Zhai
to attack
flustered(also: confused, nervous)
bullwhip; to whip
vague; vast; hazy