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very, straight, erect, rather
to hug, to cherish
to bear, to carry
category, be born in the year of (one of the 12 animals), to belong to
still, fairly, also; give back
have not, not
to accomplish, to finish
course of study, line of business
mathematics, number; to count
logic, reason, physics
chemisitry, to change, to turn into
to take an exam, to test
to try, to test
each, every
gate, door, mw for lessons
merit, result, work
to become, result, to succeed
merit, achievement
mistake, wrong
will, take, be about to
to come
to think, to want to
to make, to do, to get
correct, right, so
branch of study, a science
to be, to act, just at
to grind, study, research
to investigate, to study carefully