Mousha the Cat

Hungarian flag Mousha - CEO

Entrepreneur, Educator, Cat.

Responsible for: Overseeing the humans
Known to: Renew the domain name
Favourite plant: Nepeta mussinii (Persian cat mint)

Ed Cooke

British flag Ed Cooke - Co-Founder, CEO Intern

Ed co-founded Memrise in 2010 with the aim to make learning genuinely pleasurable. He leads product vision and invention. Previously, he wrote a book, was a columnist for the Times, became a Grandmaster of Memory and trained Josh Foer to be US memory champion in a year. He holds degrees in Cognitive Science and Philosophy from Oxford and René Descartes Universities, Paris.

Responsible for: Creative vision, learning tech
Known to: Learn the order of a shuffled deck of cards in 45 seconds, forget to renew the domain name
Favourite plant: Low's Pitcher Plant

Ben Whately

Scottish flag Ben Whately - COO

Ben keeps the Memrise team working together to bring the creative vision to life. In a past life, he taught himself Chinese in remote parts of northern China, before moving south to found an online shirt tailor in Shanghai. He has also co-founded a vintage motorcycle restoration factory in Beijing and written several books.

Responsible for: Making sure things happen
Known to: Make tonal puns, drink Chinese tea
Favourite plant: Bamboo

Adam Johnson

British flag Adam Johnson - Lead Developer

Adam is our alpha geek and resident DJ. He started a video games company when he was just 16, has DJed across the UK and is an enthusiast for travel and learning. He graduated Imperial College with all sorts of prizes and honours in 2011.

Responsible for: Website development
Known to: DJ at Ministry of Sound
Favourite plant: Venus Fly Trap

Giovanni Lodi

Italian flag Giovanni Lodi - iOS Engineer

Giovanni is an iOS engineer with a fondness for game-design, he was the creator of the stroop-inspired iPhone game YouAre. An experienced swimmer, Giovanni is also an experienced lifeguard. He graduated with a degree in Software Engineering from La Università degli Studi di Ferrara.

Responsible for: Creating an app with cats in it
Known to: Climb trees obsessively, dismantle objects
Favourite plant: Sequoia

Giovanni Lodi

British flag Jason Chin - Mobile Developer

Jason is a mobile engineer and games developer. Having worked on many successful shooty shooty games, he is a strong supporter for artistic game design and aims to improve their cultural significance. He graduated with a degree in Computing at Imperial College.

Responsible for: Mobile development
Known to: Do his Japanese homework during lunch
Favourite plant: Sakura


British flag Greg Detre - Co-founder, Scientific Consultant

Greg co-founded Memrise and helped build it to scale. He continues as an ambassador and scientific consultant. In past lives, he studied at numerous august Universities, doing important fMRI research on brains. Currently travelling and refreshing, he's looking forward to his next entrepreneurial mission while continuing to help Memrise keep its finger on the pulse of scientific research.