The Memrise team comes from all over the world, and between us we speak 15 languages. Our simple aim is to make people feel ingenious as they learn.

Mousha the Cat

Catalan flag Mousha - Chairwoman

Mousha is responsible for the characteristic mood and style of Memrise, its uncompromising joyfulness. Her effortless brilliance, despite a life of sloth and sleep, informs our commitment to make learning anything at all as easy as possible.

Responsible for: Overseeing the humans
Known to: Renew the domain name
Speaks:E-prime, learning Klingon

Alain Richardt

New Zealand flag Alain Richardt - Software Engineer

Alain helps out across the Memrise tech stacks, from the mobile experience to our data science efforts. He's equally likely to be heard discussing robot ethics, Britney Spears, classic horror films or amusing new uses for his Oculus Rift.

Responsible for:Flipping bits
Known to:Teach computers patterns, listen to Britney Spears, watch horror movies
Speaks:Learning Spanish and Japanese

Ben Whately

British flag Ben Whately - COO

Ben helps ensure all operations at Memrise tick, and is in charge of product invention, managing our CatAcademy. With a psychology degree from Oxford, and six years in rural China, he's also behind Memrise's best-of-breed approach to learning Chinese characters.

Responsible for:Making sure things happen
Known to:Make tonal puns, drink Chinese tea
Speaks:Mandarin, learning Spanish

Daniel Zohar

Israeli flag Daniel Zohar - CTO

Daniel helps ensure Memrise works flawlessly on all platforms, and coordinates all of our technical efforts. Aside from a glittering career founding and growing startups, he's a keen heavy metal guitarist and an expert at moving large objects at or near the earth's surface.

Responsible for:Technical awesomeness
Known to: Look exceedingly cheerful at times of great stress
Speaks:Hebrew, learning Latvian

Ed Cooke

British flag Ed Cooke - CEO

Ed helps the team build joyful learning experiences. He co-founded Memrise in 2010. A Memory Grandmaster who once taught Josh Foer to be US champion in a year, he studied cognitive science in Oxford and Paris.

Responsible for: Creative vision, learning tech
Known to: Learn the order of a shuffled deck of cards in 45 seconds, forget to renew the domain name
Speaks:French, learning Spanish and the Wikipedia.

Jaakko Lampi

Finnish flag Jaakko Lampi - Software Engineer

Jaakko helps deliver Memrise's elegant, intuitive website experience. He's a user-experience obsessive, as likely to critique a supermarket as an app. He has a degree in intelligent systems from Oulu University in his native Finland, where he once won the national Taekwondo championships.

Responsible for:Smooth user experience
Known to:Listen to the Love boat theme song on repeat
Speaks:Estonian, learning German

Jon Crooke

German flag Jon Crooke - Mobile Engineer

Jon delivers Memrise to your iPhone. He works from Berlin, where he's been known to make electronic music in warehouses. Spent seven years living in Japan.

Responsible for:The new v3 iOS app
Known to:Snowboarding at high speeds
Speaks:Japanese, learning German

Kristina Narusk

Estonian flag Kristina Narusk - Product Manager

Kristina helps the Memrise team make product as quickly as possible. She has headed product teams for 10 years across the European and US tech industry, she's been known to run 20km before breakfast.

Responsible for:The most useful features
Known to:Listen, operate a film (aka non-digital) camera and go run in unexpected places
Speaks:Finnish, learning Spanish

Lien Rakuscek

Belgium flag Lien Rakuscek - QA and Office Manager

Lien ensures that Memrise's unique office thrives, and is also responsible for finding wonderful office mates to populate our mezzanine. Other responsibilities include looking after Mousha and organising parties.

Responsible for:Parties
Known to:Bake gluten-free cakes
Speaks:Flemish and French, learning Greek

Nadim Rahman

Bangladeshi flag Nadim Rahman - Software Engineer

Nadim helps ensure our learning tech never stops improving. A century-smashing batsman in cricket, he's a traveller who's been known to trek to far-flung corners of the Himalayas and hopes one day to visit North Korea.

Responsible for:Coding
Known to:Travel, talk about cricket
Speaks:Hindi, learning Italian

Olivia Zavala

Mexican flag Olivia Zavala - Community Manager

Olivia helps the Memrise community understand and profit from the platform and is in charge of our social media too. A collector of cats and fan of early hiphop, she organises the Memrise film night.

Responsible for:Community and Social Media
Known to:Rescue cats, eat lots of cheese
Speaks:Bilingual Spanish/English speaker, learning French and Japanese

Renaud Guérin

French flag Renaud Guérin - Software Engineer

Renaud helps Memrise deliver a speedy, reliable service by heading up our dev ops department. Hailing from the Champagne region of France, he previously worked at Facebook, Songkick and other minor tech outfits before arriving Memrise. Is occasionally spotted on private jets with international DJs.

Responsible for:Lowering our Amazon bills
Known to:Collect old synthesizers
Speaks:English, German and French