Memrise is launching The Membus Tour!

Come work at the world’s most joyful learning startup.

About Memrise

We make learning vocabulary, languages and facts joyful and effective. We graduated from Techstars Boston in 2011 and we’ve since taught more than a billion words, phrases and facts to more than two million people in hundreds of languages. Our angel investors and advisors include the founders of WordPress, Cloudera and Avid, and we’re now funded by leading VC firms Balderton Capital and Avalon Ventures.

Our work is the outcome of our twin obsessions with learning effectiveness and learning pleasure (and their profound connections, of course). We collaborate with Oxford and UCL psychology / neuroscience departments to do peer-reviewed science on our remarkable datasets; and our unique learning methodology has given rise to several million user-generated mems (vivid mnemonic images). We also produce an iPhone language-learning game called CatAcademy, which teaches conversational Spanish through pictures of cats.

Both in terms of product invention and in terms of the scale of our user base, we’re just getting started, so we have some spectacular opportunities for creative minds and gifted doers (preferably combined in the same bodies). There’s ten of us right now in a converted chapel in East London, and we’re looking to grow delicately but decisively.

Open positions in London:

There are currently no open positions.