Watch the music videos of
Videoclub's biggest hits and improve your French vocabulary at the same time
Language immersion is the quickest and most authentic way to pick up new vocabulary. So, we've created a series of new, musical lessons to help build your range of expression through your fave songs!
Amour plastique
French • Alternative/Indie
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French • Alternative/Indie
Enfance 80
French • Alternative/Indie
En nuit
French • Alternative/Indie

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Frequently Asked Questions
Why learn French?
French is a beautiful language spoken by over 270 million people around the world. It is the official language of many countries, including France, Belgium, Switzerland, Canada, and Haiti. In addition, French is one of the most widely used languages on the internet and can be found in popular songs and shows on Netflix. Learning French can help you advance your career and improve your communication skills. Additionally, studies have shown that speaking more than one language can improve your memory and cognitive abilities. With so many benefits, it's no wonder that French is one of the most popular languages to learn.
Why should I learn French with Memrise?
Memrise will help you have confident conversations in French on the real-world topics that are most important to you, like travelling, meeting your partner's family or connecting with work colleagues.

Choose from hundreds of practical scenarios and Memrise will give you the French vocabulary and practice to master those specific French conversations.

- Build your vocabulary with French words and phrases that locals actually use.
- Practice listening to native speakers using the vocabulary that you're learning, so you can understand them confidently in the real world.
- Practice speaking with your AI language tutor, so you can build confidence in private before having the conversations for real.
Where do I start when learning French?
Our language experts have created hundreds of practical "scenarios" to choose from at the start of your journey. These scenarios relate to your reasons and interests for learning French, whether it's connecting with your partner's family or simply understanding the lyrics to your favourite songs.

Choose your scenarios and learn relevant French words and phrases that locals will actually use.

Once you've learnt some useful French words, you'll be presented with listening practice. Immerse yourself in videos of French native speakers using the words you've just learnt in a real-world context. This is important, so you can understand conversations confidently.

Next, you'll be presented with speaking practice with your AI language tutor that relates to the scenarios you've chosen. Want to order food at a restaurant in French? Practice all the related topics in private, so you can talk confidently in the real world.
Will the French lessons be tailored to my language level?
Yes. Memrise is suited to all language level abilities - you'll select your level during registration.

All our videos are also filtered to match the words you've learnt!

Memrise will try to push you, so that you make real progress towards mastering scenarios you need to have successful conversations.

It should feel challenging at times, but won't be overwhelming.
How much time will I need to commit to learning French?
As much or as little as you like.

We suggest doing a small amount consistently and for that reason we offer you a recommended learning plan. However, you can always learn more or less should you wish.
Do I get a certificate for completing the French course?
We do not offer certificates for learning with us.

However, we're sure that the locals actually understanding you is all the street cred you'll need!
Is it difficult to learn French?
It doesn't have to be difficult! The secret to making learning easier and more fun is quite simple - focus on learning what you want to learn!

Memrise offers you this, by providing you with content based on your reasons for learning French.