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    Your online, personal AI language tutor
    will teach you how to speak Chinese like a local.

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    Personalised Chinese lessons

    Memrise teaches you Chinese vocabulary, through lessons based on your interests. 

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    Videos matched to your level

    Memrise finds you thousands of authentic video lessons to learn Chinese, featuring the exact words you’ve just learned. 


    Unlimited speaking practice

    Memrise provides you with unlimited human-like conversation practice, to improve your Chinese learning (powered by GPT-3).


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    Our Chinese lessons are created by expert linguists

    See Mandarin Chinese Course 

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    Why is learning Chinese with Memrise better than DuoLingo?

    Memrise isn’t just a language course: it is a full AI tutor.

    First, Memrise teaches you Chinese words and phrases that you’re actually going to use in the real world.  What’s more, you’ll see videos of native speakers using this vocab with their own pronunciation. Our lessons are fully personalised and based on your unique interests.

    Next, Memrise presents you with 1000s of immersive lessons using video content from YouTube, Tiktok and other sources, that suit your current level and interests. Research shows that by watching videos at just above your level, you maximise speed of learning.

    Finally, Memrise helps you practice speaking Chinese with our unique AI language partner, MemBot. With MemBot, you can practice your spoken language skills anytime, anywhere, on-demand. Dive into a series of exciting conversations, games and missions. From one moment to the next, MemBot can play the role of a friendly barista in Beijing or a friend organizing a party in Shanghai! 

     Will the Chinese be tailored to my language level?

    Yes. Memrise is suited to all language level abilities.

    We have a recommended path for beginners and you can also pick and choose what you learn. 

    All our videos are filtered to match the words you’ve learned and throughout the product you’ll be supported with tools should you need a little extra help!

    How is learning Chinese with AI better than real people?

    Memrise was built to help you speak Chinese in the real world.

    To replicate that experience as much as possible, our content is taught through native speakers pronouncing the words you’re learning. What’s more, our Chinese lessons are created by expert linguists who are up-to-date with modern day language.

    We use AI to recommend you this content, as well as to help you practice your speaking in a relaxed environment. The best way to build confidence before you do the real thing! 

    How much time will I need to commit to learning Chinese?

    As much or as little as you like.

    We recommend doing a small amount consistently and for that reason you can set a daily learning goal for the amount of words you wish to learn.

    It’s a lot of fun showing off your learning streak to your friends!

    Is Memrise a credible app to learn Chinese?

    Founded in 2010, we now have over 65 million learners successfully learning a language with Memrise.

    Our methods are based heavily on research to ensure you acquire a language in the most effective way possible and our content is created by expert linguists. 

    Read more on our ‘about us’ page.  

    Can you learn Chinese through an app?


    Memrise brings you the full immersive experience of living in China, filtered to your level and interests. It’s the best place to get all the quality language practice you need without catching a flight.

    Watch 1000s of videos of native speakers and practice speaking with our AI language partner - all at your fingertips. 

    Will learning Chinese help me get a job?

    That’s a tough one to answer because it depends on the type of job you’re looking for.

    We are sure however, that learning Chinese, or any language, with Memrise will enrich your life.

    Check out our  'team' page. 

    Does Memrise offer certificates for learning Chinese?

    We do not offer certificates for learning Chinese with us.

    You can however build up your learning streak by completing daily activities and receive points whilst doing so!

    We teach Chinese using pinyin and Chinese characters.


    What our Chinese learners think

    Taken from App Store and Google Play


    it really helped my korean, chinese, and yoruba speaking skills


    I started learning Chinese with Memrise  3 yaers ago, it very useful for me until now 🤓


    This is so much better than the out of date and out of touch Duolingo. Enjoying language learning once again. 👍


    Great app and enjoy the constant review of new words and interface features. I enjoy this much more than Duolingo and learning words faster


    Best app for learning beats duolingo


    memrise is absolutely……..AMAZING!! I LOVE IT SOOOO MUCH! I totally wish I knew it before duolingo! I want to start learning korean and memrise is such a lifesaver, not only does it help you with learning languages, but it helps you become fluent! 


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