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Part 2: Từ Vựng Hay Có Với Câu Hỏi Gợi Ý

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----- (Có thể) I have a drink, please?
You ----- (có thể) ask your doctor for a check-up.
----- (Có thể) I come in and wait?
She ----- (có thể) not want to come with us.
would like to
What ----- (bạn có muốn) eat?
why don't
----- (Tại sao không) you mind your own business?
----- (Chúng ta hãy) break for lunch.
Do you want
----- (bạn có muốn) a drink?
I’m not ----- (chắc chắn).
Of course
‘Can you give me a lift?’ ‘----- (tất nhiên rồi), no problem.’
I'm busy
Tôi bận rồi.
Thanks, I love to.
Cảm ơn, tớ thích lắm.