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Getting Fed

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zhè shì gěi nǐ de
this is for you
zhè shì gěi wǒ de ma?
is this for me?
one cup; a cup of...
one bottle; a bottle of...
qǐng gěi wǒ yìpíng píjiǔ, xièxie
please give me a bottle of beer, thanks
wǒ xiǎngyào yìbēi kāfēi
I would like a cup of coffee
wóxiǎng hē píjiǔ
I would like to drink a beer
níxiǎng hē chá
you would like to drink tea
wǒmen xiǎng chī huǒguō
we would like to have some hot pot
nǐ xiǎngyào shénme?
what would you like?
wǒ yě yào
I want (it) too
wǒ yě xiǎngyào nàgè
I'd like to have that too
nǐmen yǒu bīngshuǐ ma?
do you have iced water?
only; only have
wǒmen zhíyǒu rèshuǐ
we only have hot water
nǐmen yǒu tiándiǎn ma?
do you have any desserts?
wǒmen shénme yě méiyǒu
we don't have anything at all
dāngrán yǒu
of course (I/we) have
wǒmen dāngrán yǒu mǐfàn!
of course we have rice!