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You can cook tonight.
Can - Possiblity
I can play tennis.
Can - Ability
Can I use your computer?
Can - Permission
Can I help you?
Can - Offer/Request
She can't lift 100 kilos!
Can't - Logical deduction
I couldn't eat it all.
Could - Can in the past
Could we come in?
Could- Can in more polite
It may rain today.
May - Probability
May I borrow your computer?
May - Polite permission
You should study tonight.
Should - Advisability
I must brush my teeth after eating.
Must - Obligation from speaker
You mustn't go out tonight.
Mustn't - Prohibition from speaker
He doesn't answer, he must be away.
Must - Logical deduction
I must go to school today.
Must - Necessity
You must be joking!
Must - For emphasis
I have to take the 18-hour bus.
Have to - Obligation from outside
You will have to learn your lesson.
Have to - Future
I had to cook a meal yesterday.
Have to - Past
We are going out tonight, we don't have to cook.
Don't have to - No obligation