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As you know
______, the last three weeks have been really busy/difficult.
thanks to you
We could have lost a lot of business but, ______, everything has gone really smoothly.
doing such a great job
I just wanted to thank you for ______.
no problem
Oh, it was ______ . I was glad to help.
values highly
Conscientiousness and commitment are qualities the company ______.
I want to say how much I ______ your dedication to the company.
particularly impressed
I was ______ with your persistence in the face of difficulty and the way you stay calm in a crisis.
what you did
I want you to know that ______ makes the department look good.
What’s more, I’m very ______ for the support you have shown me personally.
the chance
It was my pleasure. And I enjoyed ______ to work with a bigger team
really good
It’s ______ to know we can count on you.
Well ______ , Mary, and thank you!