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I'm happy
나는 행복하다
you are happy
너는 행복하다
are you happy?
넌 행복해?
I'm wrong
내가 틀렸다
you are wrong
네가 틀렸다
I'm tired
나는 피곤하다
are you tired?
너 피곤해?
I'm sick
나는 아프다
are you sick?
너 아파?
I'm hungry
나 배고파
you are hungry
넌 배고파
are you hungry?
너 배고파?
are you thirsty?
너 목말라?
I'm thirsty
나는 목마르다
you are thirsty
너는 목마르다
am I wrong?
내가 틀렸어?
are you wrong?
네가 틀렸어?