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Did you do your homework?
숙제를 했어요?/숙제를 끝났어요?
I didn't do my homework
숙제를 안 했어요
He didn't do his homework
그는 그의 숙제를 안 했어요.
Did you see Steve?
Steve가 봤어요?
Did you watch a movie?
영화를 봤어요?
Yesterday, I didn't study.
어제, 나는 공부 안 했어요
You didn't study?
당신은 공부 안 했지?
Did they walk to school?
그들은 학교로 걸렸어요?
Did your mom help you?
네 엄마가 도와 줬어요?
Did he play, too?
그는 같이 놀았어요?
I didn't do it.
내가 그것은 하지 않았어요.