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get a credit card
To go to the bank and ask for a card which allows you to shop online and buy things with money that you don't have.
join a gym
If you want to lose weight, gain muscle or just improve your health.
learn an instrument
To play music you need to _____
lose weight
Exercise and eating a well-balanced diet you should _____.
make more friends
Join a club, start a new hobby or just ask around on social media may allow you to _____
pass a test
If you study hard then hopefully you will be able to _____
save money
If your income is higher than your expenses you will _____.
start a new hobby
This is a great way to make new friends.
work/study hard
It's good to _____. Just remember to have fun too.
get a part-time job
This is a great way to get some pocket money while studying at high school or university.
apply for an internship
This is an unpaid job that will look great on your CV and will help you get a job once you graduate.
receive a scholarship
If you do really well on your exams you may receive money.
buy a house
The most expensive thing you will probably ever buy. No more rent!
get promoted
If you work really hard at your job maybe you will _____.
go to college
If you study well in high school then you can _____.
graduate from high school
Before you can go to college you must _____.
rent an apartment
Most people begin living independently once they _____.
You no longer need to work.
start a career
To begin working in your chosen industry.
get married
To find someone who loves you and to publicly declare your love for one another.
start graduate school
After you graduate from university you may decide to study further at a higher level.
study abroad
To travel overseas for study.
move away from home
To leave your family home and begin an independent life.
settle down
To stop living independently and think about starting a family.
start a family
After marriage you may want to have children. You will _____
get divorced
If you made a mistake when you decided to get married you can _____. Then you will not be married anymore.