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I was ill yesterday
Ben dün hastaydım.
You were ill yesterday.
Sen dün hastaydın.
He was ill yesterday.
O dün hastaydı.
She was ill yesterday.
O dün hastaydı.
We were ill yesterday.
Dün biz hastaydık.
They were ill yesterday.
Onlar dün hastaydı.
I was tired yesterday.
Ben dün yorgundum.
You were tired yesterday
dün sen yorgundun.
Were you tired yesterday?
Dün yorgun muydun?
Was he tired yesterday?
Dün o yorgun muydu?
Was she ill yesterday?
O dün hasta mıydı?
Were we ill yesterday?
Biz dün hasta mıydık?
Were they ill yesterday?
Onlar dün hasta mıydı?
I was not angry yesterday
Dün ben kızgın değildim.
He was not angry yesterday.
O dün kızgın değildi.
We were not angry yesterday.
Dün biz kızgın değildik.
I was not sad yesterday.
Dün üzgün değildim.
I wasn't tired yesterday.
Dün yorgun değildim.
He wasn't tired yesterday.
O dün yorgun değildi.
We weren't tired yesterday.
Dün biz yorgun değildik.
Were you here yesterday?
Sen dün burada mıydın?
I was here yesterday.
Ben dün buradaydım.
I wasn't here yesterday.
Dün ben burada değildim.
Were you angry yesterday?
Dün kızgın mıydın?
last year
geçen yıl
Were you happy last year?
Geçen sene mutlu muydun?
Were you in Germany last year?
Sen geçen sene Almanya'da mıydın?
Was he hungry yesterday?
Dün o aç mıydı?