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Grade Point Average (GPA)
The mark required by a certain university based on a 4 pont scale. (4=A, 3=B, etc.).
International English Language Testing System. Used by Universities (including Canada) to make sure prospective students English level is good enough to attend the school. 6.5 is usually the standard
Test of English as a Foreign Language. Used by Universities (specifically USA) to make sure prospective students English level is good enough to attend the school. 80 is usually minimum score.
Requirement(s) that mus t be met before students may register in a particular course. For example, Calculus 12 is a prerequisite to enter Business at the University of Toronto
The process of selecting specific courses in a particular term.
A value assigned by an institution to a course, to prepresent the quantity of work accomplished during a particular period of study.
A class offered in a particular program. You must take a certain number of courses to graduate
Admission Requirements
The minimum courses and marks required to be accepted to a university
An official record of all courses taken with credits and grades documented. A students report card of all the classes that he/she has taken.
Is money given to students who need financial assistance and cannot attend university without it
Money given to students that demonstrate outstanding work at university. This money can only be used to pay for future schooling.
A segment of time in the academic yar (4 months) also referred to as a semester