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Ultimate Frisbee

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The object used in Ultimate. Also called a Frisbee
A type of throw: thumb on top of disc, fingers curl under the disc; index finger on the side of the disc, feet pointing sideways when throwing
The player with the disc
Your Check
The player you are responsible for defending
To change directions quickly to get rid of a defender. To move towards the sidelines
A type of throw; middle finger along the inside of the rim, index finger underneath and supporting the disc, feet pointing foreword when throwing
Change of disc possession. When the disc has been dropped or intercepted and the offensive team becomes the defensive team
Zone Defence
A defensive strategy where players guard a specific area instead of guarding an individual player
The player defending the thrower
Area at either end of the field or court where a point is scored (between the goal-line and the end-line)
Offensive Team
The team with possession of the disc
"Disc up"
What you shout to alert players that the disc is in the air
"Heads up"
What you should shout if you make a poor throw and it might hit somebody not looking
High overhead throw; the disc flies upside down. The grip and release is similar to the forehand
A diving catch
The throw that begins play at the start of a game or after a team scores a point
Stall Count
Defensive player counts up to 10 while defending offensive player; offensive player must throw before the count of ten, or else it's a turnover
When the player with the disc moves one foot and steps either to the side or backwards (allowing the player to throw around the marker).
To pretend to throw or pass the disc
Defensive Team
The team that does not have possession of the disc
When the disc is caught in the end zone by a player on the offensive team