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Science-Organ systems and Transplants (English-Mea

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Blood vessel
Tube that carries blood around the body.
Breathing system
Organ system that takes oxygen from the air and puts it into the blood. It also gets rid of carbon dioxide from the blood, putting it into the air.
Circulatory system
Organ system that carries oxygen and food around the body.
Digestive system
Organ system that breaks down food.
Locomotor system
Organ system that allows us to move.
Muscle tissue
Tissue that can change shape and move things. There is muscle tissue in the heart. It is made from muscle cells.
Nerve cell
A specialised cell that can carry information from one place to another.
Nerve tissue
Tissue made of nerve cells.
Nervous system
Organ system that carries signals around the body.
Organ system
Collection of organs working together to do a very important job.
Urinary system
Organ system that cleans the blood and removes the wastes in urine.
Water transport system
Collection of plant organs working together to carry water up a plant.
Organ transplant
Taking an organ from one person to put it into another.