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Don’t try and do it all at once! Remember, you’ve got the whole year to achieve these goals. Take it slowly and don’t worry if you need to take a few days away from things.

Learn Japanese

Learn Japanese with Anime: 9 Addictive Shows to Start With

Japanese anime is inspiring people to learn Japanese right now. TV and film fans can access an endless supply of anime online – catered to . . .

21/06/2021 9 Min Read


What language should I learn?

Want to learn a language but not sure what language you should learn? Here’s some advice on how to pick your perfect language.
26/05/2021 8 Min Read

Learn Basic Japanese: What you really need to know to Survive

Learn basic Japanese for all kinds of different situations in Japan. These common words and phrases are what you really need to know to . . .
10/05/2021 15 Min Read

Why Setting Yourself a Learning Challenge Helps you Succeed

Want to succeed in learning a new language? Set yourself a learning challenge! Read on to find out exactly why challenge based learning . . .
12/04/2021 5 Min Read

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If you dislike reading, there’s no point in setting a goal to “Buy German books” and then poring over an old German textbook from 1998 that you picked up in a charity shop.