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    Memrise teaches languages. Unlike other online tools, we teach you what you really need to know. See for yourself! Join our FREE learning challenge. Sign up, choose Mexican Spanish, learn for 28 days. And there are prizes to win!

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    28 days to learn, 4 big chances to win a prize. To enter, all you have to do sign up to Memrise, it's free! Then, keep coming back to learn. Yep, it's that simple. All participants that come back to learn every week will be entered into a weekly prize draw. How's that for motivation to keep getting Street Smart (not Book Smart!) in Mexican Spanish?

    What could you win 

    1-year Memrise Pro Plans              $30USD Amazon gift cards
    Lifetime Memrise Plans                 $100USD Amazon gift cards

    Winners will be notified by email every week and all prizes will be awarded by 31 May, 2021. For full terms and conditions, click here.

    Mexican Spanish video of the day

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    What's Memrise?

    Memrise is the Street Smart way to learn a new language. Forget Book Smart. This is language learning for the real world.  Built with individual learners in mind. You learn what you need and don't sweat the rest. Through skill tests and features that help you fit learning into your lifestyle, a guaranteed path to success.



    You'll discover a new way to learn

    Getting Street Smart, not Book Smart, means you'll learn the bits of the language you actually need. With real native speaker video clips. It's language IRL.





    You'll have a short-term,

    achievable goal to hit.

    Can you picture yourself 3 years from now, being totally fluent in Spanish? Exactly. Now, picture yourself in 3 weeks, knowing all the right bits to spark up a chat in español. Exacto. You see, you're already on your way.



    You can win prizes.

    Yep. You read that, right?

    As long as you keep coming back to learn throughout the 28 days, you'll be entered in a weekly prize draw. Up for grabs are Amazon gift cards, Memrise Pro Plans and maybe even a newfound habit of learning.



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    Learn Mexican Spanish with videos of real locals. That's Street Smart, not Book Smart!