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How to Learn English

If you’re reading this, you are probably wondering how best to learn English. As an English learner, no doubt how to learn spoken English is a big part of this for you.

Learning to pronounce English words well is an important component of learning to speak English fluently. A good English course will train your spoken English skills, alongside listening, reading and writing.

Whatever stage you are at on your English learning journey, the ultimate goal for all of us is knowing how to speak English and make ourselves understood. This is the dream for all language learners, and with the right kind of training, it is absolutely achievable.

How to Learn English: Learning to Pronounce English Words

So you want to be able to pronounce English words? This can be a minefield for learners, particularly as written English is not very phonetic. Just knowing the spelling of a word is usually not enough to know how to pronounce it.

Yet pronunciation is crucial if you want to learn to speak English proficiently. Your pronunciation will dramatically affect how well you communicate with others.

When trying to figure out how to learn spoken English, practise is important. Just make sure that the practise is high quality. The best way is to listen to and imitate native speakers’ pronunciation.

Learning English from native speakers is an important building block for learning how to speak English fluently. It means that you are regularly exposed to accurate, “real” English.

When looking for the best method on how to learn English, regular contact with native speakers should be a key part of your approach.

How to Learn English: How to Speak English Fluently

Knowing how to speak English fluently will mean training a number of different areas, particularly your listening and spoken English. The best way to progress is to practise little, and often.

The best method for how to learn English, or any language for that matter, is regular, digestible chunks of learning that will help build your knowledge and confidence in a manageable way.

Memrise’s English course features extensive audio throughout, and best of all, it is jam-packed with video clips of native English speakers. These Learn with Locals clips show people speaking English in their everyday environments. You can hear them pronounce English words as they are really spoken day to day.

They will also give you a little slice of English culture, which is one of the best parts of learning another language!

So if you’re still wondering how to learn spoken English, one of the most effective ways is hearing native speakers speaking English. It helps hugely if you can see them too, as this will allow you to observe mannerisms and facial expressions, increasing your level of engagement.

But it doesn’t stop at video clips of locals speaking English. You can build on and strengthen all the required skills in the English language with Memrise.

How to Learn English with Memrise

Memrise is your one-stop shop for how to learn English. As well as our video clips with locals speaking authentic English to help you with how to learn spoken English and pronounce English words, you’ll be able to train every aspect of your English.

With Memrise you can build your confidence, an important building block of speaking any language. Rather than panicking that you're not speaking English fluently, you will have the confidence to start using the language in real life.

You can also widen your lexicon by learning lots of useful vocabulary, train your ear, and spice things up with speed review mode.

Memrise takes you step-by-step through all the essential English you need to learn, to get you using the language in a meaningful way.

Our award-winning tech is informed by cognitive science and cutting-edge research into language acquisition. It knows what you are due to review, which words and phrases to test you on, and when, so you can learn English far quicker than you could in the classroom.

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