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How to Learn English Fast

If you’re learning English, no doubt the first thing you want to know is how to learn English fast. There are lots of English courses out there, so how to know which one to choose?

The best way to learn English is through regular, quality practise. For example, if you are able to have daily English conversations, your progress will get a boost. Of course that’s easier said than done, but today you can practice your speaking even with an app, which would be an easy way to speak English every day.

There is no magic way to learn English overnight. How to learn English quickly? With a course that allows you to practise as often as you can, and have fun while doing it.

How to Learn English Fast: The Best English Courses

Practising English can be hard, and may be frustrating if you’re eager to know how to learn English quickly. You might struggle to form sentences, not to mention feel silly if you make a mistake. An easy way to speak English is to do so without pressure.

Daily English conversations with native speakers sound like a good idea, but they are not always possible. Plus, if we are a little nervous (which is normal), it might not always be the best way to progress.

Every learner is unique. Memrise’s English courses allow you to practice at your own pace, on your own terms. As the courses are flexible, with a variety of activities to practise your listening, speaking, grammar, vocabulary etc, you can decide the best way to learn English, for you.

Not only does Memrise offer flexibility, but our courses are also fun. This is the only way to guarantee your engagement in the long term, and therefore your progress in the English language.

With a Memrise English course, you won’t need to worry about how to learn English fast, as you’ll be too busy actually learning useful, practical English that you can use immediately in conversations.

How to Learn English Fast: The Best Way to Learn English

Everyone will have their own opinion on what is the best way to learn English. But almost everyone will agree on at least two fundamental requirements for how to learn English quickly: regular, quality practice, and engaging, meaningful content.

It might be daily English conversation with a trusted conversation partner, or doing short exercises every day, or finding easy ways to speak a bit of English in day-to-day interactions. Whatever works for you, and ensures you are getting regular practice.

Like with physical exercise, or any skill you want to build, a little regularly is the most effective method.

High quality, meaningful input is the second key for how to learn English fast. The best English courses are the ones that provide content that is not only engaging and enjoyable to learn, but that is meaningful for the learner.

Only if the content is meaningful and useful to you will you feel motivated to keep learning. When you learn things that you can immediately apply to your life, you will start communicating in English with much greater ease and efficiency.

There’s not greater motivator than seeing and experiencing your progress on a regular basis. That’s what Memrise can offer!

How to Learn English Fast with Memrise

For those who want to know how to learn English fast, Memrise’s English courses provide a fun, pressure-free, easy way to speak English, on your own terms.

Best of all, Memrise's English courses use authentic content, crafted by our expert linguists and created by native English speakers. If you’re not able to have daily English conversations, no fear! Memrise has video clips of native English speakers using the language in their natural environments, so you can hear and practice English as it is really spoken.

In addition, there are a multitude of other ways that Memrise helps you train your English. You can practice your listening skills, learn useful phrases and words, practice pronunciation, and even throw in a speed review if you want to spice things up.

So if you’re still wondering how to learn English quickly, the key is to find the learning pattern that fits your learning preferences, and your lifestyle. Memrise has highly flexible, self-paced English courses so you can learn when it suits you.

Our award-winning tech is informed by cognitive science and cutting-edge research into language acquisition. It knows what you are due to review, which words and phrases to test you on, and when, so you can learn English far quicker than you could in the classroom.

Join over 35 million people learning a language on Memrise. Download the Memrise app or register online for free, for the best way to learn English whenever or wherever, online or offline.