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Learn French: Top Tips for Learning French

When it comes to learning French, we hear so many questions. How long does it take to learn French? Is French hard to learn? So, it’s time we came clean.

The truth is… it depends, but it’s always fun! When you learn French you discover a whole new culture and way of life. Language is so much more than vocabulary – it’s people, culture, travel – so we wrap that all up in your French classes.

Is French easy to learn? Not for everyone, but you’ll have the best fun doing it. Plus, is there a sexier accent? One of our very top tips for learning French is to enjoy it. Why learn French? Why not! Embrace the saunty swagger and be your best (French) you!

Why Learn French?

Learning to speak French is a fantastic way to experience the world in a richer way (we believe that's true of any language). But why learn French in particular?

French is the official language of 29 countries across Europe, Africa and the Americas, so it's likely you'll bump into someone else learning French on your travels. But there's so much more than basic French language, grammar and a sexy accent.

Our french classes are about people, culture, food and 'joie de vivre'. French is a way of life. And we want you to experience it with French lessons online.

Sounding the part is important when you learn French, but you should avoid caricature. You can perfect your pronunciation with our 'learn with locals' feature. You'll discover thousands of videos of native speakers throughout your learning, so you can hear how words and phrases are pronounced by real French people. It’s one of our top tips for learning French.

Also, we think it’s nice to take an interest in other people, just for the sake of it. Whether you’re starting with easy French for getting by, or wanting to build stronger relationships, it all brings us closer together.

How long does it take to learn French?

Well that depends, first we need to consider, is French hard to learn? Learning French as an adult, like any new language, is a challenge, but the basic French language has a couple of bonus factors.

The French language is one of the romance languages and can be linked all the way back to the Roman Empire. This means there are similarities to French and many other languages around the world. When you start learning to speak French see if there is any similarity between French and English!

As a nation, they also make wonderful films, so learning to speak French is nothing but a joy when you check out a classic like 'Le Weekend' (not so tricky to translate, that one). It’s a great way to practice your listening skills while you learn French and soak up a little cultural history.

But how long does it take to learn French? It depends where you start. We have French lessons for beginners and advanced French speakers, and will tailor the lessons to your level of fluency.

We don't want you to waste time with easy French like 'hello' and 'goodbye' if you've already aced your exams, nor confuse you with literary metaphors if you simply want to order dinner!

So we won’t pretend it’s going to be easy, for us French is hard to learn sometimes too. But enjoy the ride, let yourself make mistakes and connect with more people.

Why Learn French with Memrise?

The Memrise app will immerse you in learning French from your first lesson. And that's it, you're hooked on French classes.

You can learn offline and on our website too – there's a huge variety of French lessons online, so you won't get bored of the same exercises as you advance through the levels. In fact, behind the scenes, AI will be creating new French lessons for beginners (or experts) based on how you're doing. Clever stuff.

We think it's vital you’re learning to speak the French that people *actually say*. Why learn French if you can’t communicate with people, only pass vocabulary tests?

That’s why we show you how to say things like 'I think it's cool,' not 'You are eating a sandwich'. And more basic French language like 'Where's good for pizza?' and not so much 'The woman likes milk'. It’s one of our top tips for learning French.

Our award-winning tech is informed by cognitive science and cutting-edge research into language acquisition. It knows what you are due to review, which words and phrases to test you on, and when, so you can learn easy French far quicker than you could in the classroom.

Join over 35 million people learning a language on Memrise. Download the Memrise app or register online for free, for the best way to learn French whenever or wherever, online or offline.