NEW virtual immersion experience

An endless stream of videos that give hilarious bite-sized insights into the language and culture you're learning. It's the next best thing to being in the country - you'll feel surrounded by native speakers!

Have a look-see!

Here's a taste of this new virtual immersion experience. Real locals showing you how language is done in the real world.

What they're saying…

Here's what language learners like you think of this new virtual immersion experience. Feeling curious? Download the iOS app and give it a try yourself!

I feel like you are my friends making fun videos!

Love the new feature. I was equally educated and entertained at the same time.

I love that you can flip back and forth between English and Spanish at the tap of a button! So useful. Please keep these up.

Great job. These videos are really helpful and fun. It doesn’t feel like learning.

Thanks for this amazing feature. I think this could be the TikTok of language learning.

Really love this feature. It’s super motivating and fun. Great job 👏

What's Immerse?

A never-ending stream of bite-sized video posts that absorb you into a wonderfully rich world of language, showing you all of the real-world contexts and emotions that’ll turn you into a natural at understanding others in a new language - all right from your own home.

How does it work?

A vivacious crew of native speakers share insights into their language and the culture that brings it to life. This helps you go from knowing a handful of words and phrases by heart to hundreds of small “aha” moments, living the true joy of understanding a language that’ll, little by little, feel not-so-different than your own.

Kick back, relax and immerse yourself in a world of language.

Understand humans

You'll be immersed in all of the contexts, culture, personalities and emotions that bring a language to life, the key to understanding other humans!

Join the dots

A little bit of language is all you need to start building your understanding. Take what you know, immerse yourself and little by little your mind will join the dots until *poof* you suddenly understand.

Learn at your own pace

Handy subtitles and loopable videos mean you can watch time and again until you’re ready to give it a go at speaking yourself.

Start Learning

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