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How to learn French fast

You must make French a part of your day to effectively learn French. Whether you simply want to learn basic French phrases for your next trip to Paris, or you’re looking to up your game and learn to read in French, you can commit 30 minutes of your day to a mix of studying, immersion and entertainment (in French, of course). This will help you learn French fast.

We believe that the best way to learn French is one that you can stick to in the long run. Learning languages is a marathon, not a sprint. Most importantly, amid our busy schedules, you expect to study at your own convenience. Chances are most TV you watch is on-demand - there’s no reason learning a language shouldn’t be the same.

At Memrise, we are proud to offer an experience designed to fast-track you towards fluency on your terms. Our French courses allow you to learn whenever or wherever suits you, meaning you can learn basic French at home or on-the-go. Out of data or heading off-grid? No problem - you can download all French courses in case of an offline emergency.

If you’re still wondering how to learn French, Memrise makes for a perfect companion on your journey. We offer a range of learning and practising modes through which you can quickly build beyond basic French phrases towards fluency, perfect your pronunciation and lock in your listening skills.

You can track your progress thanks to our cutting-edge tech, focus on those French words that need some extra attention and be reminded of the optimal time to review them. Humans are awesome, but you’re unlikely to find a teacher that can do that!

The best way to learn French fast

The best way to learn French fast is to practise! This used to mean signing up for French language courses, or buying a textbook to teach yourself basic French phrases. But that takes time, money and isn’t that fun. And learning a language should be fun, because if it isn’t, you won’t stick to it in the long run!

Whatever shape or form your learning takes, remember: little and often is how to learn French fast, with the least effort and maximum reward. If you can spare just 30 minutes of your day to learn the language you love, then you’ll make a habit of learning French in no time!

It’s also really important to test yourself regularly on what you’ve learnt. Fact: recalling information is how you avoid forgetting it. So if you keep checking it’s stuck, it’ll stick!

Many learners wonder how hard it is to learn French amongst our already busy schedules, without costly tuition or months of language immersion abroad? You’ll be delighted to know that opportunities to learn French are abundant in the age of the Internet.

Whatever your level of proficiency, making a small change like resetting the language on your browser can make you read in French more. You can learn French with a podcast, radio or music on your commute home from work. Francophone media is a fantastic way to experience the culture and simultaneously learn French, Youtube provides access to French culture whatever content you enjoy.

There’s never been a better time to learn a language, and thanks to technological advances, the internet and the booming science of language acquisition, it’s never been easier to learn French fast. If you are looking to learn basic French on your terms, look no further than the Memrise experience.

How to learn French fast with Memrise

Whether you’re just getting to grips with the basic French phrases, or you’re already looking for more practice, Memrise designs French language courses to get you speaking as quickly and confidently as possible.

Whilst teaching the language that you’ll really need, our diverse variety of exercises and learning modes keep you on your toes as you learn basic French phrases, vocabulary and grammar. In fact, behind the scenes, our cutting-edge learning tech will be creating new classes for you so that you learn at an optimal pace.

At Memrise, our clever tech cuts the learning into short sessions that you complete every day, so you can always find time to teach yourself French either at home or on the go. If you are wondering how to learn French fast and for the long run, it is by making French truly a part of your day.

Memrise makes for a perfect companion on your journey. You’ll practise your conversation skills, test your listening prowess, learn to read in French, translate French to English, English to French, and discover more than 1,000 videos of real French locals that make this language so unique.

Our award-winning tech is informed by cognitive science and cutting-edge research into language acquisition. It knows what you are due to review, which words and phrases to test you on, and when, so you can learn basic French far quicker than you could in the classroom.

Join over 50 million people learning a language on Memrise. Download the Memrise app or register online for free, for the best way to learn how to speak French whenever or wherever, online or offline.