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Toki Pona Complete

by solpahi
All the 118 Toki Pona Words
This is a language course created by the Memrise Community users
Toki Pona Complete
Total 8 levels
    • mi
      I, me
    • moku
      food, eat
    • tu
    • kin
      also, too, even, indeed (emphasizes the word(s) before it)
    • nanpa
    • kala
      fish, underwater creature
    • sona
      knowledge, to know, to understand
    • toki
      speak, say, talk, language
    • pimeja
      black or dark-coloured
    • e
      introduces a direct object
    • awen
      stay, wait, keep, stationary, permanent
    • kule
      color, paint
    • jan
      person, human, people, anybody, somebody, being
    • poka
      next to, in the accompaniment of
    • kute
      listen, hear, ear
    • pana
      give, put, release
    • mute
      many, much, very
    • jelo
    • kulupu
      group, community, people, public
    • seli
      warm, hot
    • lon
      in, at, on
    • kiwen
      hard, solid, stone, metal, clay
    • meli
    • linja
      line, rope, string, hair, cord, chain
    • sitelen
      picture, draw, write
    • supa
      horizontal surface, e.g furniture, table, chair, pillow, floor
    • sijelo
    • seme
      what, which
    • monsi
      back, behind, butt
    • noka
      leg, foot
    • o
      hey! (calling somebody's attention)
    • nasin
      road, way, method
    • ante
      difference, otherwise, change
    • ilo
      tool, device, machine
    • wawa
      power, strength
    • waso
    • nena
      bump, hill, nose
    • lipu
      flat bendable thing, paper, card
    • laso
      blue and green
    • luka
      arm, hand
    • lupa
      hole, door, window
    • tenpo
    • akesi
      creeping animal, reptile, amphibian, big arthropod
    • mani
    • tawa
      for, to go to
    • moli
      to die, to kill, death
    • insa
    • anpa
      bottom, lower, under
    • nimi
      word, name
    • ken
      can, power, is able to, is allowed to
    • taso
      only, but
    • loje
    • kama
      come, arrive, happen, event, beginning
    • musi
      to play, game, art, have fun
    • mu
      woof, meow, moo
    • oko
    • telo
      water, liquid, bath
    • wile
      to want, to desire, to need, to have
    • lete
      cold, uncooked, to cool
    • wan
    • tomo
      house, building, place enclosed
    • unpa
      sex, to have sex
    • open
      open, turn on
    • sina
    • lili
      little, a bit
    • sewi
      high, superior, sky
    • ona
      he, she, it, they
    • a
      interjection, emotion word
    • pipi
      all kinds of insects
    • ali
      everything, all
    • palisa
      rod, stick
    • ijo
      thing, something, stuff, anything
    • poki
      box, bowl, cup
    • sike
      circle, ball
    • lukin
      to see, to look, vision, sight
    • uta
    • suno
      sun, light
    • sinpin
      front, wall, face
    • suli
      big, tall, long, important
    • anu
    • ma
      field, country, open space
    • mama
      mother, father, parent, ancestor
    • kili
      any fruit or vegetable
    • jo
    • ike
      bad, complicated
    • pona
      good, simple, to fix, to repair
    • selo
    • kepeken
      use, with
    • mije
    • tan
      from, by, because of, since
    • weka
      away, get rid of
    • ni
    • kon
      air, wind, smell, soul
    • pilin
      feel, feelings, heart
    • sin
      new, another
    • olin
      love, to love
    • ala
      not, no, zero
    • en
    • soweli
      land-dwelling mammal
    • len
      clothing, to clothe
    • pakala
      mess up, destroy, accident
    • lawa
      lead, control
    • utala
      war, to fight
    • nasa
      stupid, crazy, silly, weird
    • kalama
      sound, noise, voice
    • sama
      same, like
    • li
      separates a 3rd person subject from its verb
    • pali
      work, make
    • lape
      sleep, rest
    • la
      between adverb or phrase of context and rest of sentence
    • mun
    • pini
      end, finish
    • suwi
      sweet, candy
    • walo
      white or light-coloured
    • jaki
      dirty, nasty, trash
    • kasi
      plant, herb, tree, leaf, wood
    • ko
      squishy substance, paste, powder, gum
    • esun
      market, shop
    • pan
      grain, cereal
    • pi
      of, belonging to
    • alasa
      to gather, to collect food, to hunt
    • kipisi
      to cut
    • namako
      extra, additional, spice
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