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Chat Patwah - Jamaican Patois

by Chat_Patwah58
This Jamaican Language Learning course takes a different approach in teaching you how to Speak Jamaican Patois authentically. Full lessons on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@ChatPatwah
This is a language course created by the Memrise Community users
Chat Patwah - Jamaican Patois
Total 14 levels
    • Mi
      I, Me, My
    • Yuh
      You, Your
    • Oonuh
      You (Addressing 2 or more people directly)
    • Wi
      We, Us
    • Dem
      Them, They
    • Wah
    • Gwaan
      Go on
    • A
      a, is, are, at, am, it is, is it, of
    • Fi
      For, to
    • Weh
    • Wah a gwaan?
      What's going on?/What's up?
    • Fi mi
    • Fi yuh
    • Fi wi
    • Fi dem
    • Wah yuh name?
      What is your name?
    • Mi name John
      My name is John
    • Dem call mi Johnny
      They call me Johnny
    • Yow
      Hey (Informal)
    • Dis a mi wife Michelle
      This is my wife Michelle
    • Mi hungry
      I am hungry
    • Mi good
      I am good
    • Yuh happy
      You are happy
    • Yuh hungry?
      Are you hungry?
    • Weh yuh live?
      Where do you live?
    • Pickney
    • Nice fi meet yuh
      Nice to meet you
    • Oonuh ready?
      Are you ready? (Directly to 2 or more people)
    • Weh dem live?
      Where do they live?
    • Dem live wid wi, a fi wi house
      They live with us, at our house
    • A mi
      It is me
    • A yuh
      It is you
    • A who?
      Who is it?
    • guh
    • A fi yuh house?
      Is it your house?
    • a guh
    • a work
      working/at work/to work (depending on context)
    • Mi a guh
      I am going
    • Yuh a guh?
      Are you going?
    • Weh yuh a guh?
      Where are you going?
    • Mi a guh a school
      I am going to school
    • a cook
    • Dem a cook
      They are cooking
    • Mi a guh cook
      I am going to cook
    • Wi a guh buy a pound a jerk pork
      We are going to buy a pound of jerk pork
    • Yuh cyar a guh too fass
      Your car is going too fast
    • Who yuh a talk to?
      Who are you talking to?
    • Yuh a guh call mi lata?
      Are you going to call me later?
    • Wah yuh a guh do?
      What are you going to do?
    • Nuh
    • Naw
      Am not/Are not/Is not
    • None
      None/Any (depending on context)
    • Mi nuh know
      I don't know
    • Mi cyar naw start
      My car is not starting
    • Dem naw guh
      They are not going
    • Yuh naw come?
      Aren't you coming?
    • No
      No/Any (depending on context)
    • Dem nuh have no idea
      They don't have any idea
    • wid
    • Di
    • Dat
    • Dis
    • Den
    • Di pickney nuh smart
      The child isn't smart
    • Nuh chat to mi
      Don't talk to me
    • Mi nuh have no money
      I don't have any money
    • Yuh nuh have none a mi money?
      You don't have any of my money?
    • Dat naw guh work
      That is not going to work
    • Mi naw guh a school
      I am not going to school
    • Nuh tell mi
      Don't tell me
    • Mi naw guh tell yuh
      I am not going to tell you
    • Dat nuh right
      That is not right
    • Modda
    • Fawda
    • Bredda
    • Deh
      To be (Am, Is, Are) | There [if preceded by preposition]
    • Mi deh
      I am
    • Yuh deh
      You are
    • Oonuh deh
      You are (Directly addressing 2 or more people)
    • Wi deh
      We are
    • Dem deh
      They are
    • It deh
      It is
    • Mi deh yah
      I am here
    • Dem deh yah
      They are here
    • Weh dem deh?
      Where are they?
    • Wi deh pon wi way
      We are on our way
    • Weh yuh a guh deh?
      Where are you going to be?
    • Di remote deh pon di table
      The remote is on the table
    • It nuh deh pon di table
      It is not on the table
    • Wah yuh deh pon?
      What are you on?
    • Di guiness deh inna di fridge
      The guiness is in the fridge
    • Wi naw guh deh home
      We are not going to be home
    • Di artist deh pon stage
      The artist is on stage
    • Weh di artist deh?
      Where is the artist?
    • Weh yuh fawda deh?
      Where is your father?
    • Mi fawda deh a work
      My father is at work
    • Yuh bredda deh home?
      Is your brother home?
    • Yuh name nuh deh pon di ticket
      Your name is not on the ticket
    • Di dawg deh unda di bed a hide
      The dog is under the bed hiding
    • Di bridge yuh deh pon nuh safe
      The bridge you are on is not safe
    • Yuh naw guh deh pon di flight?
      Aren't you going to be on the flight?
    • Di key dem deh unda di mat
      The keys are under the mat
    • It nuh deh
      It is not
    • Him nuh deh
      He is not
    • She nuh deh
      She is not
    • It naw guh deh
      It is not going to be
    • Wi naw guh deh
      We are not going to be
    • Gyal
    • Mek
      Make/Let (Depending on context)
    • Tek
    • Seh
      Say/That (depending on context)
    • Mek wi tek a taxi
      Let us take a taxi
    • Yuh a hear wah mi a seh?
      Are you hearing what I am saying?
    • Mi naw guh mek it
      I am not going to make it
    • Cyan
    • Cyaan
    • Waan
    • Mi cyaan hear yuh
      I can't hear you
    • Coulda
    • Shoulda
    • Woulda
    • Gyal, mi cyaan believe yuh woulda do dat to mi
      Girl, I can't believe you would do that to me
    • Could'n
    • Should'n
    • Would'n
    • Yuh coulda mek dem guh home
      You could let them go home
    • Mi naw guh mek dat badda mi
      I am not going to let that bother me
    • Haffi
      Have to
    • Mussi
      Must be
    • Nuffi
      Not to/Shouldn't
    • Mi haffi guh a work tomorrow
      I have to go to work tomorrow
    • Yuh mussi mad
      You must be mad
    • Mi know seh yuh cyan hear mi
      I know that you can hear me
    • Eenuh
      You know
    • Bwoy
    • Si
    • Nutten
    • Yuh nuh easy
      You can't be serious/You're unbelievable (depending on context can be serious or playful)
    • Wah yuh a seh to mi?
      What are you saying to me?
    • Yuh andastan?
      Do you understand?
    • Yuh si mi?
      Do you see me?
    • Yuh si wah mi a seh?
      Do you see what I'm saying?
    • Nutten naw gwaan
      There's nothing going on
    • Likkle
    • Likkle more
    • Pon
    • Een
      Inside (physically)
    • Inna
      In/Inside/Into (vicinity)/Inner [depending on context]
    • Out a door
    • Side a
      Next to
    • Back a
    • Front a
      In front of
    • Mi a guh out a door
      I am going outside
    • Wah yuh have back a yuh?
      What do you have behind you?
    • Mi nuh have nutten back a mi!
      I don't have anything behind me!
    • Nuh guh inna mi room
      Don't go into my room
    • Look inna di fridge side a di butter fi di jam
      Look in the fridge beside the butter for the jam
    • Mi waan fi guh wid yuh likkle more eenuh
      I want to go with you later you know
    • Cyar dem
    • Man dem
    • Woman dem
    • Pickney dem
    • Bwoy dem
    • Gyal dem
    • Bokkle
    • Mi have 2 cyar
      I have 2 cars
    • Yuh si mi key dem?
      Have you seen my keys?
    • Di pickney dem nuh have school tomorrow
      The kids don't have school tomorrow
    • Dutty
    • Di bokkle dem nuh clean, dem dutty
      The bottles are not clean, they are dirty
    • Yah
    • Yah suh
      Right here
    • Mi deh yah
      I am here
    • Weh yuh deh?
      Where are you?
    • Weh mi money deh?
      Where is my money?
    • Mi bredda deh a work
      My brother is at work
    • Di cyar deh inna di shop
      The car is in the shop
    • Come yah
      Come here
    • Put di pot yah suh
      Put the pot right here
    • Dem a come over yah?
      Are they coming over here?
    • Da one yah
      This one here (close to you)
    • In deh
      In there
    • Out deh
      Out there
    • Up deh
      Up there
    • Ova deh
      Over there
    • Dung deh
      Down there
    • Round deh
      Around there
    • Dem nuh ova deh
      They are not over there
    • Deh suh
      Right there
    • Weh yuh cyar dem deh?
      Where are your cars?
    • Mi cyar dem ova deh suh
      My cars are right over there
    • Bring dem ova yah suh
      Bring them right over here
    • Da one deh
      That one there (further away from you)
    • Dem yah
    • Dem deh
      Those (Directional)
    • Suh
      So/Like That (Depending on context)
    • Why yuh haffi work suh much?
      Why do you have to work so much?
    • Nuh do it suh
      Don't do it like that
    • How yuh cyar suh dutty?
      How is your car so dirty?
    • Gimme dem yah, an tek dem deh
      Give me these, and take those
    • Mi waan da one yah, an mi a guh give yuh da one deh
      I want this one here, and I am going to give you that one there
    • Right yah now
      Right now
    • Nuh come ova yah wid dat
      Don't come over here with that
    • Guh in deh suh
      Go right in there
    • Look under deh suh
      Look right under there
    • Guh weh
      Go away/Leave (Sometimes pronounced G'weh)
    • Tek weh
      Take away
    • Dash weh
      Throw away (Discard)
    • Run weh
      Run away
    • Yuh dash mi weh
      You threw me away (colloquial meaning: You forgot about me)
    • Dash weh dat
      Throw that away
    • Nuh guh weh wid dat
      Don't go away/leave with that
    • Nuh guh weh lef mi
      Don't go away and leave me (Colluquial meaning: Don't leave me)
    • Tek weh yuhself
      Take yourself away (Colloquial meaning: Leave)
    • Guh put weh di dish dem
      Go and put away the dishes
    • Nuh mek dem tek weh dat from yuh
      Don't let them take that away from you
    • Bolt run weh gone lef dem
      Bolt ran away and left them (Colloquial phrase: run weh gone = to leave with great distance)
    • Him drive weh di cyar after di accident
      He drove away the car after the accident [drove the car away]
    • Weh him live dem nuh dash weh nutten
      Where he lives they don't throw away anything
    • Move and guh weh
      Move and go away (Colloquial meaning: Get away from me)
    • gi
    • Gi weh
      Give away
    • Sitten
      Something [sitten dem = things]
    • Nuh gi weh mi sitten dem
      Don't give away my things/stuff
    • Di hog a guh run weh if yuh nuh lock di gate
      The hog is going to run away if you don't lock the gate
    • Nutten naw gwaan yah suh, suh mi a guh weh
      Nothing is going on (right) here, so I am going away
    • har
    • Him a guh gi har weh a di wedding
      He is going to give her away at the wedding
    • Dem tek him weh
      They took him away
    • If she have har way dem a guh move weh from yah suh
      If she has her way they are going to move away from here
    • A true
      It's true/It's because
    • A way
      Native/Funny/Awkward/Not right
    • Yuh seet
      You see it
    • Ting
      Thing [Native/Catch all]
    • Bwoy, yuh know seh
      Boy, you know that
    • Bwoy, yuh waan si seh
      Boy, you want to see that
    • All wah a gwaan still eenuh
      All what is happening you know
    • da ting deh
      That thing there
    • dem ting deh
      those things/situation
    • Yuh done know
      You already know
    • Mi nuh know bout all dem ting deh
      I don't know about all those things/that situation
    • Dem ting deh naw guh work still eenuh
      Those things/That situation is/are not going to work you know
    • A suh di ting set
      The situation is that/this way - It is what it is
    • Nuh watch nutten
      Don't watch anything/Don't worry about a thing
    • Come een like
      Coming in like (used for comparison/reference)
    • Come een like seh
      Colloquial for - It seems as if
    • Wi nuh inna dem ting deh
      We are not into those things
    • Yuh bring di ting fi mi?
      You brought the thing for me? (item previously discussed)
    • A nuh fi mi ting dat
      That is not my thing (item understood by both parties)
    • How much fi da ting deh?
      How much for that thing there?
    • Da ting deh look a way still eenuh!
      That thing there looks funny you know (situation/person/item)
    • A jus true him nuh gi har di ting why dem a chat to him da way deh!
      It is just because he didn't give her the thing why they are talking to him that way
    • da way deh
      That way (specifically)
    • A jus true mi nuh ha di money still.
      It is just because I don't have the money.
    • ha
      has/have (sometimes pronounced "hab")
    • It come een like seh him nuh ha no sense!
      It seems as if he doesn't have any sense!
    • Yuh come een like eediat!
      You are like an idiot!
    • A wah kinda ting dat?
      What kind of thing is that? (Usually situation/behavior)
    • It come een like seh yuh tek mi fi fool!
      It seems as if you take me for a fool!
    • Nuh look pon mi da way deh
      Don't look at me that way
    • Yuh seet seh a nuh lie mi a tell!
      You see it that I am not telling a lie!
    • Nyam
    • A work mi a work
      I am working (lit. It's work I am working)
    • A school mi a guh
      I am going to school (lit. It's school I am going)
    • A Jamaica mi live
      I live in Jamaica (lit. It's Jamaica I live)
    • A walk mi a walk guh a market
      I am walking to (go to) the market (lit. It's walk I am walking to go to market)
    • A last week mi come back
      I came back last week (lit. It's last week I came back)
    • Dance him a dance yah now
      He is dancing right now
    • A twenty one year now since mi live a America
      It's been twenty one years now since I have lived in America
    • A joke yuh a mek?
      Are you joking? (lit. Is it a joke you are making?)
    • Run mi a run guh a market an come back
      I am running to the market and coming back
    • Wait mi deh yah a wait pon di bus
      I am here waiting on the bus
    • Ride shi a ride har bicycle
      She is riding her bicycle
    • A jerk dem a jerk some pork yah now
      They are jerking some pork now
    • A Red Stripe wi a drink
      We are drinking Red Stripe
    • A dat mi seh
      That is what I said
    • A Caribbean Airlines wi a fly
      We are flying Caribbean Airlines
    • A one week wi a guh deh yah fa
      It's one week we are going to be here for
    • A nuh lie him a tell
      He's not lying (lit. It's not lies he is telling)
    • A nuh dem do it
      They didn't do it (lit. It's not them did it)
    • A nuh run mi a run
      I am not running (lit. It's not run I am running)
    • A last week dem deh come out
      Those came out last week
    • lef mi a lef yah now
      I am leaving now
    • Soup mi a cook fi dinner
      I am cooking soup for dinner
    • Pancake mi a mek fi breakfast
      I am making pancakces for breakfast
    • A some food mi a guh nyam yah now
      I am going to eat some food now
    • A ticket mi want
      I want a ticket
    • A ticket mi a guh gi yuh
      It's a ticket I am going to give you
    • A some money mi a look still eenuh
      It's money I am looking for you know
    • A money mi nuh have why mi nuh do it
      I don't have the money to do it (lit. It's money I don't have why I don't do it)
    • A learn wi a learn how fi chat di real patwah yah now
      We are learning how to speak the real patois now
    • Nevah
    • Did deh
    • Mi guh a school todeh/tideh
      I went to school today
    • Mi cook dinner aready
      I cooked dinner already/I already cooked dinner
    • Dem buy food dis mawnin
      They bought food this morning
    • Mi tell him nuffi guh dung deh
      I told him not to go down there
    • Mi did know
      I knew
    • Weh dat did deh?
      Where was that?
    • Yuh nevah aks mi fi none!
      You didn't ask me for any!
    • Wi nevah haffi pay
      We never have to pay
    • Him nevah find it last night
      He didn't find it last night
    • Dem nevah haffi guh through dat
      They didn't have to go through that
    • Wi lef aready
      We left already/We already left
    • Shi start walk
      She started walking
    • Mi woulda nevah do dat to yuh
      I would never do that to you
    • Weh di pickney dem did deh?
      Where were the children/kids?
    • Di bus gone?
      The bus left?
    • A five hundred mi gi him fi it
      It's five hundred I gave him for it
    • Mi run two mile last night
      I ran two mile last night
    • Mi a guh look pon di couch weh di remote did deh
      I am going to look on the couch where the remote was
    • Shi nevah tell him seh shi pregnant
      She didn't tell him that she was pregnant
    • Him neva deh a school
      He was never at school
    • Come nuh!
      Come on! (Let's go)
    • Gwaan nuh!
      Go on!
    • Come on nuh man!
      Come on man!
    • Lef mi nuh!
      Leave me alone!
    • Gimme some a dat nuh!
      Give me some of that!
    • Nuh him tell mi!
      He told me!
    • Nuh yuh mi a chat to!
      You I'm talking to!
    • Nuh di bus dat gone lef yuh!
      That's the bus that's gone and left you!
    • Lef a ting wid mi nuh!
      Leave something with me! (Usually money)
    • Nuh three pickney yuh ha?!
      Don't you have three kids?!
    • Come ova yah suh nuh!
      Come over here!
    • Guh ova deh suh nuh!
      Go over there!
    • Guh een deh suh nuh!
      Go in there!
    • Come drive di taxi nuh man!
      Come drive the taxi man!
    • Cyarry di bag dem guh a mi room fi mi nuh man!
      Carry my bag to the room for me man!
    • Stop chat to mi nuh!
      Stop talking to me!
    • Nuh di police dem dat dung deh suh!
      Isn't that the police down there!
    • Pull ova yah suh nuh!
      Pull over here!
    • Nuh yuh!
    • Nuh mi!
    • Nuh dem!
    • Share dis pon social media fi mi nuh!
      Share this on social media for me!
    • Watch yah nuh man!
      Look here man!
    • Fayvah
    • Fayvah seh
      Seems as if
    • Fayvah suh
      Seems that way
    • Gwaan like seh
      Acting/Behaving as if
    • Gwaan suh
      Acting/Behaving that way
    • Yuh cyan do mi a fayvah?
      Can you do me a favor?
    • Do da fayvah yah fi mi nuh!
      Do this favor for me!
    • Yuh know seh yuh fayvah yuh bredda dem?
      Do you know that you resemble your brothers?
    • Fayvah seh yuh tink mi a fool!
      Seems as if you think I'm a fool!
    • Mi nuh know if rain a fall outta door, but it fayvah suh!
      I don't know if it's raining outside, but it seems that way!
    • Wah mek yuh a gwaan like seh yuh nuh have no sense?
      Why are you acting as if you don't have any sense?
    • Mi nuh like when yuh gwaan suh eenuh!
      I don't like when you behave that way you know!
    • It fayvah seh a di rum wah a mek him a gwaan suh!
      It seems as if it's the rum what is making him behave that way!
    • Waa
      One (describing singular items)
    • Bring waa beer from outta di fridge fi mi please.
      Bring a beer from out of the fridge for me please.
    • Waa man pon waa bike did crash ova deh suh last night.
      A man on a bike crashed right over there last night.
    • Fahwud
      Forward/Leave/Come Over
    • Mi a fahwud yah now
      I'm leaving right now
    • Mi a fahwud come check yuh
      I am coming over to see you
    • Mi a fahwud guh Jamaica nex week!
      I am leaving to go to Jamaica next week!
    • Pree
      Doing/Checking Out/Dealing With/Thinking etc.
    • Wah yuh a pree?
      What are you up to?
    • Mi a pree da ting yah!
      I am checking this thing out!
    • Nuh seh a word!
      Don't say a word/Don't mention it!
    • Mi have a fayvah fi aks yuh if yuh naw pree nutten yah now.
      I have a favor to ask you if you're not doing anything right now.
    • When yuh a fahwud, bring waa bokkle a wata guh gi di man out a door.
      When you are leaving, bring a bottle of water and go give it to the man outside.
    • Fayvah seh him tirsty
      Seems as if he's thirsty
    • Him a gwaan like seh him a guh faint.
      He's acting as if he's going to faint.
    • It nuh fayvah suh
      It doesn't seem that way
    • Pree dat fi mi
      Deal with that for me
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