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Learn Basic Cebuano Bisaya

by selle.xo
In this course, you will learn some basic words, daily expressions, dialogues, common questions and daily greetings in Cebuano (a.k.a Bisaya) dialect in Filipino language! Please, feel free to message me for more suggestions and we will provide additional translations in word or sentences form. We will soon attach sounds to complement your learning. Have fun and hope you enjoy! :)
This is a language course created by the Memrise Community users
Learn Basic Cebuano Bisaya
Total 4 levels
    • Oo
    • Dili
    • Unsa?
    • Ngano
    • Gi unsa
    • Kanus-a
    • Asa
    • Salamat
      Thank you
    • Palihug
    • Way problema
      No problem
    • Wala ko kahibalo
      I don't know
    • Kasabot ka nako?
      Do you understand me?
    • Kasabot ko.
      I understand.
    • Unsa?
    • Huwat sa ha
      Just a moment.
    • Kinsa?
    • Pila kabuok
      How many?
    • Tag pila man?
      How much?
    • Kumusta?
      Hi, how are you?
    • Unsa'y imong pangalan?
      What is your name?
    • Ok rako
      I'm fine.
    • Ikaw diay?
      How about you?
    • Pila imong idad?
      How old are you?
    • Taga asa diay ka?
      Where are you from?
    • Adto na ko
      I'm going.
    • Gikan ko sa...
      I'm from...
    • Asa diay ka nag puyo?
      Where do you live?
    • Nag puyo ko sa...
      I live in....
    • Busy kaayo ka karon?
      Have you been busy recently?
    • Asa ka padung?
      Where are you going?
    • Kita lang ta unya
      See you later.
    • Kita lang ta ugma
      See you tomorrow.
    • Amping.
      Take care.
    • Maayong buntag.
      Good morning.
    • Maayong hapon.
      Good afternoon.
    • Maayong gabie.
      Good evening.
    • Maayong Pasko!
      Merry Christmas!
    • Pwede ko mo lingkod diri?
      Can I sit here?
    • Pwede tika palitan ug ma inom?
      Can I buy you a drink?
    • Sige, ok ra salamat.
      I'd love to, thanks.
    • Dili lang ko, salamat.
      No, thank you.
    • Dili ko interesado
      I'm not interested
    • Busy ko.
      I'm busy.
    • Pasagdi lang ko!
      Leave me alone!
    • Gwapa kay ka!
      You're beautiful! (to a lady/woman)
    • Gwapo kay ka.
      You're handsome.
    • Sexy kay ka.
      You're sexy.
    • Naa koi gi bati para nimo.
      I have feelings for you.
    • Gihigugma ko ikaw.
      I love you.
    • Pwede tika kissan?
      Can I kiss you?
    • E kiss ko!
      Kiss me!
    • Naa kay uyab?
      Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?
    • Naa kay email?
      Do you have email?
    • Pwede mangayo sa imong number?
      Can I have your number?
    • Minyo na ka?
      Are you married?
    • Asa ang para shoppinganan?
      Where is the shopping area?
    • Kanus-a mag abli?
      When does it open?
    • Naa mo'y...
      Do you have...?
    • Gusto ko mo palit ug....
      I'd like to buy a....
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