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the things you can see from a place (usually attractive)
an area where people live outside the centre of a city
a ______ area is a place where there is a lot of violence and crime
a part of a town or city where people live
a room or area below ground level under a house or building where you can live or work
a room under a house that is used for storing things
en-suite bathroom
a bathroom that is directly connected to a bedroom
fitted kitchen
a kitchen where the cupboards, cooker, etc. fit exactly into the space
clear out
tidy a room, cupboard, etc. and get rid of the things in it that you don’t want any more
sort out
arrange or organise things that are not in order or are untidy
give away
give something to sb without asking for money
throw away
put something in the rubbish bin that you don’t want any more
tidy up
make a room or place tidy by putting things back in the place where you usually keep them
put away
put something in the place where you usually keep it
go through
carefully look at things to find something or to see if you want to keep them