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set off
start a journey
get around
travel to different places in the same town area
deal with
do something in order to solve a problem or achieve something
check in
go to the reception desk to say you have arrived and to get the key to your room
check out of
go to the reception desk to pay your bill before you leave
put up with
accept a situation that you don’t like because you can’t change it
see sb off
go to the place where somebody is leaving from (for example, an airport or a station) to say goodbye to them
pick sb up
go to a place where somebody is waiting and take them where they want to go
look forward to sth
feel happy and excited about something that is going to happen
travel light
travel with a very small amount of luggage
when you go to a place for a short time and then come back
guided tour
when you travel to lots of places in a city or country and a guide tells you about the interesting things you can see
when you travel from one place to another place
a holiday on a ship when you sail from place to place
package holiday
a holiday where everything is included in the price