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Cooking, sleeping

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cook in a saucepan in water at 100°C
cook chicken, lamb, potatoes, etc. in an oven
cook bread, cakes, biscuits, etc. in an oven
cook under a grill
cook in a frying pan
heat up
make something hot that is already cooked (a ready meal, something you cooked yesterday, etc.).
cook in a microwave
cook with steam produced by boiling water.
something you put your head on when you sleep
have a dream
have stories and pictures in your head while you are sleeping
have a lie-in
when you stay in bed longer than usual in the morning
fall asleep
start sleeping
wake up
stop sleeping
get to sleep
start sleeping, often with some difficulty
breathe in a very noisy way when you are sleeping
fast asleep
completely asleep
wide awake
completely awake
have insomnia
not be able to get to sleep
not sleep a wink
not sleep at all (informal)
a frightening dream
light/heavy sleeper
be sb who wakes up easily/doesn’t wake up easily
have/take a nap
have a short sleep in the day
doze off
fall asleep slowly, often in the day or when you don’t plan to sleep