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by chance
get hold of sb
contact somebody, often with difficulty
let sb know
tell somebody some information
be in touch with
communicate regularly with somebody by phone, email, letter, etc.
lose touch with
not be in touch with somebody any more, usually because they have moved house, changed job, etc.
keep/stay in touch with
not lose touch with somebody
get in touch with
contact somebody by writing, emailing or phoning them
get out of
avoid doing something you don’t want to do
get over
feel better after you have been unhappy or ill, recover
look up
find some information in a book or on a computer
point out
tell sb some information you think that they don’t know or have forgotten
put off
decide or arrange to do something at a later time
fall out with
argue with somebody and stop being friendly with them
come up with
think of an idea or a solution to a problem
split up
end a marriage or relationship
come across
find something by accident
fancy doing
want to do
can't be bothered
not want to do something because you don’t have enough energy or interest
feel up to
feel well enough or have enough energy to do something
hang around
spend time somewhere, usually for no reason
be into
enjoy or like something
be off
leave a place
carry out
do something that sb told you to do, or you agreed to do
take part in
be involved in something with other people
It's up to you.
You decide.